WWE Shad Gaspard in the Running for Conan Movie

WWE Superstar Shad Gaspard (the big guy in Cryme Tyme) is one of the finalists for the role of Ukafa in the upcoming Conan movie. According to WorstPreviews:

Gaspard has now updated his blog again, this time stating that he has passed the first part of casting and that the role is now down to him and only a few other actors. If he ends up getting hired he will star in the movie opposite Jason Momoa (“Stargate: Atlantis”), who has already been cast as Conan.

Gaspard is a huge man, but he’s also a huge nerd. When I met him at WWE SummerSlam 2009, he told me that he enjoyed comics as a kid, but the comic-book club wouldn’t let him join because he was a jock. He totally nerded out at San Diego Comic-Con 2009 too! On behalf of WWE fans and nerds around the world, I hope Shad gets the role.

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  1. Agreed Rpad.

    I think WWE just has too much talent and doesn't know what to do with it. Is it time to pass the torch? What if people don't like them and we lose ratings? Sometimes you just have to take a chance. I think a WWE superstar popularity can now be measured like a NFL Running Back's expected career in the NFL 4-6 years, after that people get tired of the gimmick.

  2. @tokz_21 I'm not sure that it's a talent issue with CT. For the last few years, the writers have sucked at booking tag teams. Only Jerishow made the tag titles interesting. It's a shame because tag-team wrestling can be awesome. I guess the last great era for WWE tag teams was when The Hardys, Edge and Christian, and the Dudley Boyz were together.

  3. yes but i don't think tag team is the only issue the creatives had a problem with. obviously they had a problem with "ECW" style of wrestling because we are getting NXT, vince's version of tough enough. The Jerishow was only successful because of Jericho's mic skills.

  4. i just looked up jason momoa cause i had no idea who he was

    hes not big enough to play conan!!

    wtf, im bigger than that dude (not really)

  5. Wait…this is a damn remake??? WTF ever happened to finishing the Conan story???
    I don’t care who gets this role, I won’t go see it. I’ll pirate this movie since I already own Conan.

  6. They should just wait for Arnold to finish his civic duty and then make King Conan. Have him be the king, and have The Rock be the co-star. Finish the story, don't make a damn reboot!

    Like remaking Terminator and having someone else be in Arnold's role. It doesn't mesh.

  7. haha N8R Brock Lesnar! That guy was horrible trying to do mic work in the WWE. could you imagine him trying to read those lines off the prompters, that movie would bomb more than the Street Fighter Chun Li one.

  8. I could really careless about the Conan franchise. I didn't like it then and chances are i wouldn't like it now.

  9. @ tokz

    True, but Arnold could barely speak english when he did Conan the Barbarian.

    @ Smartguy

    I get the feeling that Arnold isn't going anywhere for a while. He's also not as in shape as he used to be.

  10. @n8r

    True but Brock can read english and still has trouble making me believe what comes out of his mouth.

  11. haha N8R

    yeah you think Cali is messed up, Illinois isn't doing that great either. I feel bad because i can't even go back to Cali even if i wanted to, it's not any better, plus when 2012 comes you guys are going to fall into the ocean.

  12. The WWE just doesn't care about tag team wrestling anymore. It's sad because tag team matches can be the most exciting matches. Cryme Tyme is the best tag team in the WWE right now and they won't do anything with them.

  13. @RROD

    I completely agree. The tag team is being ignored completely this is probably why Vince got rid of the Survivor Series name, that was kind of an all 4 man tag team ppv.

  14. @ tokz

    I could spend a whole page debunking 2012. It's a myth.

    The big one however, is inevitable. Thankfully, I live on the other side of the fault above the cajon pass. When it hits, I'll be oceanside.

  15. @N8R

    Arnold would be king in the new conan…therefore taking up space on his throne. He's old and worn. Perfect for Arnold to play it now.

    With all these remakes, I think they should remake the Godfather trilogy. (sarcasm, some things should just be left alone)

  16. @n8r

    I agree that 2012 is a myth. According to everyone the world should've ended in 1999, then in 2000, then in 2001. It's like stop waiting for the end of the world or trying to predict it. When it happens there will be nothing we can do about it. I hope the big one never hits, i have the majority of my family on the wrong side of that fault.

  17. @ Smartguy

    I'm waiting to hear about the remake of the Wizard of Oz.


    The world should have ended in like 1432 as well. The Mayan calendar is being read wrong and our calendar is 5 years off from it. Technically, the Mayan long count ended in 2007.

  18. @smartguy

    I take it you're a fan of the Conan franchise. I just don't see the point of this re-make or the need to make another movie. I can't imagine a group of people clamoring for this franchise to be brought to life.

  19. @tokz_21

    I miss the good old days when there were plenty of good tag teams like the Stiener Brothers, Harlem Heat, Legion of Doom, New Age Outlaws, the Outsiders, the Hardy Boyz, the Dudley Brothers, MNM, and the older ones like Demolition, the Natural Disasters, Strike Force, the Mounties, and the Powers of Pain. Tag team finishing moves are the best by far.

  20. @smartguy

    I really like Edge & Christian the best. Their mic skills and ring skills were the best. oh and lets not forget the 3 sec poses.

  21. @tokz

    Neither Edge or Christian had the ring skills that Scott Steiner had. The guy was awesome to watch. Almost a different era of wrestling since mic skills weren't as important as the actual performance.

    I damn near fell off the couch when I first saw him do the Frankensteiner.

  22. @smartguy

    if we are talking about ring & mat skills individually then yes compared to Scott Steiner their mat skills do not compare but as a tag team they are better than the Steiners. They sold a match better in the ring and out of it.

  23. The thing with Scott Steiner is that he's had way more bad years than good ones. He was excellent when he was the smaller Steiner brother, but the more he juiced the more his ring skills suffered.

  24. @Raymond Padilla

    So true about Scott, but he was awesome before he put on so much muscle. The Steiners were revolutionary. Scott made the Frankensteiner famous and the Steiners together made suplexing famous.

  25. yes RROD you read that correctly.

    Scott carried that tag team. I really didn't like Rick. You can't say that about E & C. They have both proven to be great single competitors in the ring.

  26. @tokz_21

    Well, someone carries every tag team. Edge carried Christian. Bubba Ray carried Devon. Booker T carried Stevie Ray. Road Dog carried Billy Gunn. The list goes on but E & C were better than the Steiners on the mic but that's it.

  27. @RROD

    that is true but once E & C broke up. Christian found his groove and has been champ on multiple occasions, not only in the WWE but in TNA as well. None of the other tag teams can say the same.

  28. @Ray

    He also had a back injury to deal with. His good years were better than all the good years that Edge or Christian has had/have.

    Suplex machine.

  29. @tokz

    that guy you brought up earlier, who was in terminator salvation, is better known to me for having been in "son of the beach"

    im gonna totally butcher this name….but why not get the 4 time world's strongest man, mariusz pudianowski..(lol..that looks right)


    so im looking up a picture to include with this comment…and i find this



  30. @thundercracker

    I never saw that son of the beach.

    the guy you mentioned looks ready for Conan. They should've gotten that guy as well.

  31. @tokz_21

    Christian had the IC title, not the world title. He had the world title in TNA but that's the minor leagues compared to the WWE.

  32. hes literally the worlds strongest man, although he was edged out this past year

    only dude to ever win 4 wsm competitions, and hes finished second twice

    i have to admit, i have a bit of a man crush on the dude….im secure enough to admit it

  33. @RROD

    while having the TNA World Title/ECW title may not mean that much to you. It should just be pointed out that having the title means that company is trusting you to put seats in the arena and you're going to be the person they're pushing at the time to carry the brand. Christian had some pretty good matches at TNA.

  34. @tokz_21

    True, but anyone who has had any success in the WWE and go to TNA will immediately be given a huge push to ride the success that they had in the major leagues(WWE). If Somoa Joe and AJ Syles go to the WWE do you think they would be world champs? Of course not.

  35. @smartguy I disagree somewhat. Steiner was a brilliant mat wrestler when he had hair and less mass. BUT, if you look back at his matches, they were crudely put together. Spot-for-spot he was better than Edge, but Edge does a way better job at telling stories in the ring. Edge also sells more tickets.

    @Everyone Today's coffee talk is about WWE NXT. Check it out!

  36. @RROD

    you have your own opinion and i'll have mine. We'll just have to agree to disagree. We can go back and forth all day on whom was the better tag team and why.

  37. @RROD
    me too. there’s too much push behind individuals now, it’s hard to get the tag team stables going. Stables are rare now, Original DX, NWO, Hart Foundation, and 4 Horsemen. I think the tag title will eventually go the way of the European and Hardcore title.

  38. @tokz_21

    Really?! Did I read that correctly?! Did you really just say Edge and Christian were a better tag team than the legendary Steiners?!

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