DICE 2010: Watch Bobby Kotick Be…Kind of Nice

You’ve read my notes on Bobby Kotick’s DICE 2010 presentation, now watch it for yourself! See Activision’s lord and master explain why he doesn’t play games anymore, admit that not buying Harmonix was a mistake, and come off as…kind of fun. After you’ve see Kotick live, I want your opinion on his performance. Half the people I spoke to at DICE thought he was being genuine, while the other half thought his whole schtick was staged. What side are you on?

Author: RPadTV


9 thoughts on “DICE 2010: Watch Bobby Kotick Be…Kind of Nice”

  1. @topic

    He did seem genuine and very down to earth. I wonder if someone told him that he comes off the wrong way and this was his opportunity to turn that image around.

  2. thats cool ray, much respect to the sess…everyone else not talking to you still…like you pulled a "ronald mcdonald" scam on them

    "cant buy me love" analogy

    scratch number 533 off the bucket list

  3. @tokz_21 His reputation is interesting. Gamers hate him. A lot of developers dislike him. Activision shareholders love him. I'm sure some of his rep is deserved and some of it is overblown.

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