This Week’s Videogame Releases

The sheer number of game releases is dying down, but there are a couple of major titles left before the end of the year. This week’s biggie is Activision’s Modern Warfare 2. Some are predicting that this will be the year’s biggest game. I’m curious to see how “big” it will be, but I’m content to wait until it’s marked down before picking it up. Here are this week’s PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii, PlayStation Portable, and Nintendo DS releases…along with some brief commentary. I’ve taken out most of the garbage and kids games (unless I found them funny). As always, let me know if you’re planning to buy any of this week’s new releases.

Modern Warfare 2

Xbox 360
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 — I’m still not sure why this game is as big as it is, but cheers to everyone that’s looking forward to it.
Chaotic: Shadow Warriros
Dragon Ball: Raging BlastDragon Ball games should have a screaming mode, where you scream for 20 minutes before unleashing an attack. It would be like 1/3 of the DBZ episodes.
Final Fantasy XI Ultimate Collection
Hasbro Family Game Night
— Mr. Potato Head is a mofo.

PlayStation 3
Buzz! Quiz World — My non-gamer friends love Buzz!
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 — *yawn* Just teasing!
Chaotic: Shadow Warriros
Dragon Ball: Raging Blast — Kamehameha!!!

Nintendo Wii
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Reflex — “Me too!” said the Wii.
Harvest Moon: Animal Parade
NBA 2K10
Pop’n Music
Pro Evolution Soccer 2010
Ringling Bros. Barnum & Bailey Circus — Circus games?!? What does one do in a circus game? Does it involve animal cruelty and scaring the crap out of kids?!?
Shaun White Snowboarding: World Stage

PlayStation Portable
Kenka Bancho: Badass Rumble
Pro Evolution Soccer 2010

Nintendo DS
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Mobilized — “Met too!” said the DS.
Dragon Ball: Attack of the Saiyans
Dragonology — I tried to study Dragonology in college, but it was too hard.
Harvest Moon: Sunshine Islands
Phantasy Star 0
Ringling Bros. Barnum & Bailey Circus
Spectral Force Genesis
System Flaw
TMNT: Arcade Attack
Wedding Dash

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41 thoughts on “This Week’s Videogame Releases”

  1. I look forward to all things BUZZ!

    I have bought just about every add-on for the disc based game, and sadly I have bought all of the digital Buzz! Juniors (they are actually entertaining with friends)

  2. MW2 is going to steal my social life for the next year just like MW1. My friend, who got the game already, has been going on about how much better the multiplayer is. I could rant on about some of the improvements I can't wait for, but I don't want to spoil anything for those who want to wait till the game is to find out for them selves. (I won't let him talk to me about the campaign.)

  3. Ringling Bros. game?!? There was a game back in the day. I think it was a learning game because I only remember playing it at school, but it was a circusy game. Shoot clowns from a cannon, then they umbrella down and you catch them, all in glorious 8-bit green.

  4. @SlickyFats Sweet, another Buzz fan. I thought I was the only one for a second. Ha!

    @Sandrock323 I actually have special prizes for you and N8R. I'll email you later today.

  5. No I LOVE BUZZ!

    I just played it with some people the other day. Its amazing how fast people can go to hating you. I didn't realize I only had video game, cartoon, comedy movie, horror movies, & 80s music enabled, and I dominated them. No one enjoyed the game much.

    Once I turned back on the questions and disabled the ones I obviously bought because I knew them they had a much better time, but I still put the hurt on them.

    I used to only play SceneIt on my 360, but when BUZZ came out and it was more spread than movies all of my friends felt like they might have a chance to play against me and they all love BUZZ now.

  6. @Ray – lolz at the DBZ screaming. My roommates during college were huge DBZ fans, and I used to rip on them for watching the same 30 seconds of footage for 30 mins at a time. I thought the amount of internal build up ("His power level is increasing") was completely out of control, and it really turned me off the majority of anime for a while (and then I realized that not all anime was as bad).

    I think my favorite episodes were the ones with Frieza and Goku fighting to decide the fate of Planet Namek. The two of them hovering over Namek staring at each other while they built power lasted for 2 hours. It did however lead to my single favorite moment in the series, where Super Saiyan Goku flies away from Frieza, letting him live, only to have Frieza try to shoot him in the back. The crazy emotion and primal scream ("I gave you a chance!!!!!1111oneone!!!!1) from Goku before he fireballed him into nothingness was worth at least 10 mins of the 2 hour build up.

  7. Did anyone else see the price of Hasbro Family Night? I thought it was already on the PSN and its $40. I like some of the games, but not $40 like them. I can go pick up the real ones for cheaper than that since I own most of them already. I thought it be nice to have a digital version, but I can't for that price.

  8. BUZZ rocks. My roommate brought home the set when we first got out PS3. Haven't picked up any of the addon content because it turned out he was a much bigger Music Game fan then trivia one, but the wife and I still have fun with it.

  9. Will the Buzz! packs I have already bought work with the new Buzz! Quiz World? If not I probably won't get the new one soon, I have already put a lot of money into Buzz! TV, also I don't recall ever getting a repeat questions yet.

  10. @LarcenousLaugh My friend jpkmets tried to watch DBZ because I was into it. He said, "I don't get it. All I saw was some guy named Fajita screaming for half an hour."

  11. Hmmmm, I haven't played Buzz but I've heard nothing but good things about it. I have to give it a shot. Sounds like it's something my wife will play with me.

  12. @Ray – I just texted your friend's comments to my buddy Charles, one of the two who watched it. For the longest time, I thought that Kakarot was an insult that Vegeta called Goku. They had to explain to me probably after a year of watching it that he was calling him by his saiyan name.

  13. I'm looking forward to MW2. I pre-ordered it through Wal-mart and i should be getting it sometime this week. As much as i really wanted to get it tomorrow. I couldn't say no to a $20.00 Gift card.

  14. MW2 ONLINE SPOILER!!!1one11!!1

    Mandatory in-game chat. It will not let play online while in a Xbox Live Party. As soon as you join it switches your chat channel to in-game and will not let you switch it back. Guess they didn't like how useless Eavesdrop was last time.

  15. A stripper once told me I was getting a special prize, boy did that itch. (just kidding) What did I do? Is this like the cops saying I won the Publisher's Clearing House just to get me to come outside? Am I being served?

    I'd be looking forward to Jonas if there's a "be scandalous with Miley" mini-game.

  16. don't have time for MW2… maybe my dad will let me borrow it in a couple of months. he's a huge fan of the series

  17. lol…i love the dragon ball conversations, my favorite screaming moment was when goku transforms into his SS3 form…and as for MW2, im too bz playing dragon age, i just couldnt put the controller down, and i have some prefinal exams tomorrow.

  18. @Ray or anyone

    So I'm doing amazon to get MW2 tomorrow. I see that FedEx is the courier and they won't leave my item if I'm not home. I probably won't be home tomorrow for a bit. Is there anyway to get them to leave my package at the door instead of waiting until the next day to get the item I requested delivered to me tomorrow?

  19. @Smartguy FedEx leaves a big door ticket if you're not home and the package requires a signature. You can either pick it up at a FedEx location that evening or sign the ticket so that they can leave it the next day on your doorstep.

    Hope you used my Amazon links!

  20. @Rpad

    Unfortunately i preordered it back in July. I will use your links soon for christmas shopping though.

  21. I pre ordered my copy of MW2 a week ago off Amazon. I wasn’t really planning to pick it up since I already pre ordered L4D2 and didn’t want to spend too much on games, but the 20 dollar back amazon deal was too good to pass up on a game like this. Is private chat still enabled during multiplayer?

  22. i feel like you guys are all growing up and dont need me anymore

    which might be good because mw2 will soon be my master

    on a totally unrelated note

    get better soon, kareem abdul jabbar

  23. @ Thundercracker

    Dude, I spent a good part of today arguing how Superman would beat Batman…. that's pretty far from grown up.

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