Modern Warfare 2 to be Biggest Launch in GameStop History

Modern Warfare 2

Everyone knows that Modern Warfare 2 is going to be huge — certainly one of the biggest games of 2009 — but according to GameStop, it will be the biggest title of the year and the biggest launch in company history. GameStop merchandising and marketing EVP Tony Bartel told Gamasutra:

By all indicators, we anticipate Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 will be the biggest entertainment launch of 2009, as well as the biggest video game launch in GameStop’s history.

I’m a little surprised by this. Maybe I underestimated the game due to a lack of interest, but I definitely wasn’t expecting it to be GameStop’s biggest launch ever. Will Modern Warfare 2 really be bigger for the company than Halo or Grand Theft Auto?


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  1. it's a little shocking. it's their 5th installment on this console gen correct me if I'm wrong and I'm pretty bored of the gameplay right now. This series just blew up when they did MW though. it was definitely a sleeping giant hiding behind the WW2 thing.

    As I mentioned in coffee talk I just saw another trailer and the more I see of this game the more I actually want it. that alone is impressive because I've all but given up on the COD franchise about now

  2. I think CoD4 stole allot of Halo's fanbase and pulled some GTA fans in as well. I don't think Reach will out do MW2.


    It's their third game this gen. 3 and W@W weren't made by them.

  3. Why does this game get a pass for not doing anything new and not having split screen co-op when all other shooters get criticized it?

  4. @sandrock – I don't know why this game would take any of the GTA fan-base but I could see how Halo people love these games also.

    IW or not if it's the same engine, same gameplay and same story it's basically the same game. I don't see what MW2 did that was so much better than 3 and WaW. just because it's set in modern times doesn't make it a drastically different game

  5. @RROD – It is a beast. Probably one of those apocalpyse signaling beasts with the eleven heads, diadems and the like.

    It'll get a pass until something else comes along with the things you mentioned and surpasses it. It doesn't have them right now and you see the buzz it's generating. I applaud the fact that they don't put in co-op for story reasons, and went so far as to have the co-op missions seperate.

  6. @Sandrock

    I don't see how GTA correlates with this but it definitely took the spotlight from Halo.

  7. @RROD – the tweens really do determine the market. they sure like to shoot things and talk trash about it online.

    I'm not saying kids are the only ones that like these games but they are the majority demographic of the ones who will get it

  8. I felt that the first Modern Warfare delivered a truly memorable single player experience. And the online perk system really hooks the multiplayer gamers out there. I totally get why this game will be huge.

  9. I don't think it turned them away like it did for Halo, but I do see some overlap in the fanbases. Lets face it, people play GTA for the maturity of the game and CoD4 has enough to satisfy that crowd as well.

  10. Geez I'm surprised. Every time I critisize COD over at the Feed I get thumbed down a bunch. Then come here and see a bunch of people who are weary of the franchise as well.

    I don't think it's a bad game. It's just a prettier version of the same game I've been playing for 10 years now: "The shoot the other guy first" game. It's a classic formula that just works, I guess. The easier you make it, the more people will like it.

    I figured it would outsell ODST, and it looks like my prediction was a massive underestimation.

  11. @Raymond Padilla

    Yes, there are better games but they require strategy to be successful. COD requires no strategy, anyone can run around and rack up kills on their own.

  12. I think this game will be fun, but I also think that Bad Company 2 will be a better multiplayer game.

    MW2 doesn't have vehicles or destructible buildings. Dice really showed me something with BF1943, I think that same formula carries over to Bad Company 2

  13. @Smartguy

    They try to cover it as the time it takes for the bullet to hit, but really they just don't want to admit it is lag. I've gotten pretty good at spotting lag.

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