Vaping Diaries #314: Vigilante Juice Co Interview (Vape Summit)

I first met Vigilante Juice Co at ECC 2014 and was immediately enamored by the company’s e-liquids. Vigilante Juice Co — and its offshoot Twig and Berries line — offers some delicious and complex juices that are right in my wheelhouse. Initially focusing on layered dessert flavors, I’m a bigĀ fan of the company’s juices. Back at ECC 2014, I chatted with company co-owner Russ Scarbrough to learn about the company and some of its flavors. At Vape Summit III, I caught up with his partner in crime (vigilantism?) Ashley West to get an update on the company and learn about some new offerings.

Ashley told me about two new e-liquids in the Vigilante Juice Co and Twig and Berries arsenal — Poison Apple and My Own Summer. Poison Apple is a confectionary treat of apple and salted caramel, while My Own Summer is a melange of mango and green tea. The former was released in Fall 2014 (after my initial meeting with the company) and tastes like a wonderful autumn treat. The latter is a brighter and more refreshing blend that’s perfect for summertime. Being a Los Angeles resident, seasons have no meaning, so both of these juices are greatĀ for me year round. (And to be honest, I’m pretty much a sucker for anything with salted caramel.)

While the company has attained an ardent following with its dessert blends, Ashley told me that Vigilante Juice Co’s next few flavors will likely emphasize fruit flavors, rounding out the company’s offerings. If My Own Summer is any indication of what Vigilante Juice Co can do with fruit, then I expect more delightful, layered, and complex e-liquids from the company. I can’t wait to see what these guys and gals do next! For more information on My Own Summer and Poison Apple, as well as hints on the future of Vigilante Juice Co and Twig and Berries, check out the video interview below.

Vaping Diaries #250: Vigilante Juice Co Russ Scarbrough Interview (ECC 2014)

Meeting Vigilante Juice Co co-founders Russ Scarbrough and Ashley West was a fantastic accident at ECC 2014. You see, I had just finished filming an interview with Lost Arts Liquids and noticed Ellen from Ragtime Vapor chatting with the Vigilante Juice Co crew. I have a ton of respect for Ellen (and she may or may not be my secret vaping crush), so I stopped by to say hello. It was a lovely surprise to learn that Vigilante Juice Co is run by cool people that make e-liquid that’s totally in my wheelhouse. The company’s flavors use multiple ingredients for complex and layered blends. It’s totally my kind of vape and I’m thankful for the introduction by Ellen.

In the ECC 2014 interview above, Vigilante Juice Co co-founder Russ Scarbrough talks about his company, some of his popular flavors, and a few new ones. I love that the company’s newest flavor is called Twig & Berries. The gang also has a new key lime pie flavor called Life of Pi, available through the fine folks at Drip Club. I’ve been vaping some of the flavors I picked up at ECC 2014 and the two bottles of Vigilante Juice Co e-liquids I have are among my favorite from the show. With several delicious and complex flavors on the menu, I’m looking forward to discovering more of the company’s juices.

Check out my chat with Vigilante Juice Co Russ to learn more about this exciting e-liquid company.

Vigilante Juice Co Russ Scarbrough ECC 2014