Vaping Diaries #194: Ragtime Vapor Interview

It was an absolute pleasure catching up with Ragtime Vapor owners David and Ellen Farentino. Their company makes some wonderfully complex e-liquid, they’re awesome people to hang out with, and they are extremely candid on camera. While the interview above is much longer than my typical vaping interview, it’s also one of my favorite vaping pieces I’ve put together. The amount of detail David and Ellen provided was fantastic. I’m confident that any vaper that watches my Ragtime Vapor interview will walk away knowing (at least) a little bit more about the juice-making process and what goes into starting an e-liquid company.

Speaking of which, David and Ellen talk about how they started Ragtime Vapor, the whole “ragtime” concept behind the company, the four launch flavors, the extensive testing process their juices go through before going into production, and a pair of upcoming flavors (can’t wait for the lychee/ginger!).

Ragtime Vapor is going after mature vapers. The company’s juices are complex and layered, with a minimum amount of sweetness. While many “hot” juice companies are assaulting younger vapers with smack-you-in-the-face sweetness, Ragtime Vapor is taking a refined approach — one that’s especially appealing to vapers that appreciate complexity.

Check out the interview above when you have a chance. Yes, it’s long, but I’m really, really happy with all the information that the Ragtime Vapor crew served up.

Ragtime Vapor e-liquid

Special thanks to Vape Star Los Angeles for letting us hang out and film there. Extra special thanks to Vape Star Matt for blowing wicked clouds in the b-roll shots!

Author: RPadTV