Vaping Diaries #138: Vape Los Angeles Oni Mod Interview (Vapetoberfest 2013)

Vape Los Angeles is a new company that has been getting a lot of buzz for its Oni mod. At Vapetoberfest 2013, I caught up with company representative Harry Cometa. He told me about the company’s start and went over the features of the Oni mod. Purported to be made in the USA, the Oni mod is made from 316 stainless steel, comes with two firing pins (gold-plated brass and silver-plated copper), and has a magnetic switch. The first — and presumably only — run of the mod was limited to 500 pieces and each one comes with an authentication code that can be registered on the Vape Los Angeles web site.

Check out the video above to learn all about the Oni mod and stay tuned for my interview with model Claudia Alan, pictured below.

Special thanks to Activape for providing an Oni mod for filming.

Claudia Alan Vape Los Angeles Oni Mod

Vape Los Angeles Oni Mod

Vaping Diaries #137: Marie Alvarez Round II (Vapetoberfest 2013)

My favorite interview of Vapetoberfest 2013 was with my buddy Marie Alvarez. She’s done a bunch of modeling for vaping companies and is adored in the SoCal vaping community. Lots of people (I’m guessing dudes) enjoyed my Marie Alvarez interview from ECC 2013. For our second fight interview, we fought about Japanese Pumpkin Pudding Kit Kats, did some catching up, and talked about her new hairstyle.

Oh yeah, she was working at the Surefire Vapor booth at the show, where the company unveiled the new diamond-knurled version of its popular King Mod. (To be fair, I completely forgot we were at the Surefire booth during the interview, because…you know, Marie Alvarez.)

Check out the video below to see what’s new with Marie Alvarez and Surefire Vapor. When you’re done with that, be sure to follow her Facebook and Instagram pages. She’s a lovely young lady that absolutely deserves to have Japanese Pumpkin Pudding Kit Kats.

Photo by Ari Cox

Vaping Diaries #136: Envision Vapor Interview (Vapetoberfest 2013)

Envision Vapor is a San Diego company that makes gorgeous handblown glass drip tips and tanks. Out of all the interviews I filmed (technically, RPadholic N8R was filming) at Vapetoberfest 2013, this one was the most important to me. You see, Envision Vapor was started by my buddy Rob and his longtime friend Jason. Rob and I know each from the natural tobacco e-liquids thread on Electronic Cigarette Forum (ECF). He wanted to find a way to break into the vaping business, but wasn’t sure which direction to take. Another tobacco fan, the excellent ECF Mr. Mann, suggested the idea of handblown glass drip tips. Jason is an experienced glassblower, so the two got together and formed Voltron Envision Vapor.

It has been lots of fun for me to watch Envision Vapor boom. As Rob’s friend, of course I want him to succeed. As a vaper, I’ve always been big on glass drip tips. To me, they offer the best combination of mouthfeel and heat dissipation; they feel much better in your mouth than plastic tips and don’t retain heat like steel or aluminum tips do. While it would be easy to accuse me of bias, I can honestly say that Envision Vapor glass tips are some of the best I’ve ever used. They offer everything I love about glass drip tips, they’re sturdier than the competition’s offerings, and the designs are lovely.

The video above is longer than my other interviews from Vapetoberfest 2013, but I think it’s a fun watch. The origins of Envision Vapor are cool, you’ll get to learn what makes the company’s glass tips superior, you’ll see get to see the company’s relatively new tanks, and you’ll get to hear what’s coming next.

After you check out the video, please be sure to drop Envision Vapor a line and tell them how badly you want anĀ RPad.TV-branded glass tank…or better yet, one with my face on it.

Envision Vapor Vapetoberfest 2013

Vaping Diaries #135: Jet Fuel E-Liquid Interview (Vapetoberfest 2013)

Jet Fuel E-Liquid is a family owned and operated business out of California. Yes, as a Filipino-owned vaping company in California, I’m predisposed to liking these guys. In Los Angeles vape shops, I often hear people raving about the company’s Papi Churro and Watermelon Sundae juices. At Vapetoberfest 2013, I met up with Jet Fuel E-Liquid vice president Jet Santomin. He told me how the company got its start, talked about some of Jet Fuel’s most popular flavors, and described the Kaptain Amerika juice the company released at the show.

Check out the interview above to hear the Jet Fuel E-Liquid story. When you’re done with that, be sure to hit up the company on Facebook and Instagram.

Jet Fuel E-Liquid Vapetoberfest 2013

Vaping Diaries #134: Bay City Vapor Interview (Vapetoberfest 2013)

At Vapetoberfest 2013, I had the pleasure of meeting Bay City Vapor founder James Livingston. He told me about the company’s upcoming mechanical mods, which are designed and made right here in California. James’ background is in manufacturing, so he’s particular about craftsmanship and conductivity. Bay City Vapor mods aim to offer high performance and an elegantly understated style. I was particularly enamored with the XXIX, which is a gorgeous copper mech. If copper isn’t your thing, Bay City Vapor has the SurfRider series, which is available in brass and steel. These mods feature a unique pinless design, which is one of the more novel features I’ve seen in a mechanical mod this year.

Be sure to check out the video above to see prototypes of the first round of Bay City Vapor mechanical mods, as well as to learn more about the company’s pinless design and the upcoming 26650 model. Also, Bay City Vapor has no affiliation with the Bay City Rollers.

Bay City Vapor XXIX