Vaping Diaries #135: Jet Fuel E-Liquid Interview (Vapetoberfest 2013)

Jet Fuel E-Liquid is a family owned and operated business out of California. Yes, as a Filipino-owned vaping company in California, I’m predisposed to liking these guys. In Los Angeles vape shops, I often hear people raving about the company’s Papi Churro and Watermelon Sundae juices. At Vapetoberfest 2013, I met up with Jet Fuel E-Liquid vice president Jet Santomin. He told me how the company got its start, talked about some of Jet Fuel’s most popular flavors, and described the Kaptain Amerika juice the company released at the show.

Check out the interview above to hear the Jet Fuel E-Liquid story. When you’re done with that, be sure to hit up the company on Facebook and Instagram.

Jet Fuel E-Liquid Vapetoberfest 2013

Author: RPadTV