Vaping Diaries #136: Envision Vapor Interview (Vapetoberfest 2013)

Envision Vapor is a San Diego company that makes gorgeous handblown glass drip tips and tanks. Out of all the interviews I filmed (technically, RPadholic N8R was filming) at Vapetoberfest 2013, this one was the most important to me. You see, Envision Vapor was started by my buddy Rob and his longtime friend Jason. Rob and I know each from the natural tobacco e-liquids thread on Electronic Cigarette Forum (ECF). He wanted to find a way to break into the vaping business, but wasn’t sure which direction to take. Another tobacco fan, the excellent ECF Mr. Mann, suggested the idea of handblown glass drip tips. Jason is an experienced glassblower, so the two got together and formed Voltron Envision Vapor.

It has been lots of fun for me to watch Envision Vapor boom. As Rob’s friend, of course I want him to succeed. As a vaper, I’ve always been big on glass drip tips. To me, they offer the best combination of mouthfeel and heat dissipation; they feel much better in your mouth than plastic tips and don’t retain heat like steel or aluminum tips do. While it would be easy to accuse me of bias, I can honestly say that Envision Vapor glass tips are some of the best I’ve ever used. They offer everything I love about glass drip tips, they’re sturdier than the competition’s offerings, and the designs are lovely.

The video above is longer than my other interviews from Vapetoberfest 2013, but I think it’s a fun watch. The origins of Envision Vapor are cool, you’ll get to learn what makes the company’s glass tips superior, you’ll see get to see the company’s relatively new tanks, and you’ll get to hear what’s coming next.

After you check out the video, please be sure to drop Envision Vapor a line and tell them how badly you want anĀ RPad.TV-branded glass tank…or better yet, one with my face on it.

Envision Vapor Vapetoberfest 2013

Author: RPadTV