Vaping Diaries #347: Mad Carpenter Curve V2 Box Mod Interview

The Mad Carpenter makes some of the most beautiful handcrafted box mods in the vaping business. The company’s Curve Mod featured gorgeous workmanship and an ergonomic design. Its followup, the Curve v2, features the same design language as its forerunner and adds a Yihi SX350 variable-wattage chip. At Vape Summit III, I caught up with The Mad Carpenter owner and craftsman Brandyn Young to talk about the Curve v2.

While the original batch of Curve Mods features various types of woods, the Curve v2 combines wood burls and Alumilite resin. The latter material has allowed Brandyn to get super creative with numerous color combinations. A lot of my friends at the show were enamored with the beautiful aesthetics of the Curve v2. I was absolutely smitten with the red, blue, and purple box Brandy was holding throughout the interview.

I’ve always found it amusing that so many mod collectors are high on various European box mods. In my opinion, companies like The Mad Carpenter and Harlequinn Woodworks make box mods that are every bit as beautiful as anything coming out of Europe. As someone that places high value on customer support and service, I’m more comfortable purchasing a high-end American box mod than a high-end European box mod, simply because it’s easier to get something fixed should something go wrong. Personally, I feel happy when I buy a made-in-the-USA product from an American small business.

The politics of personal economics aside, you should definitely check out my chat with The Mad Carpenter Brandyn Young on the Curve v2 box mod. Curve v2 mods are beautiful pieces of vaping art that are made right here in Southern California. The video below shows various finishes available. If you have any ideas for a custom Curve v2 color combination then check out The Mad Carpenter on Instagram and drop Brandyn a line.

Vaping Diaries #266: The Mad Carpenter Brandyn Young Interview (Vapecon USA)

The Mad Carpenter has been making gorgeous hand-crafted wood vape stands for years. Recently, the company introduced a hand-crafted wood box mod called the Curve V1. With the same quality as its renowned stands, The Mad Carpenter Curve V1 is one of the most beautiful box mods you’ll ever see. There are several variations of the Curve V1, since dozens of different woods are used throughout the line. All models feature an ergonomic shape that allows you to get a good grip with either hand, as well as a unique thumb-slide door that ensures that your batteries will never be exposed accidentally.

In the Vapecon USA 2014 interview above, The Mad Carpenter owner and craftsman Brandyn Young talks about his background in wood furniture and transitioning from making great vape stands to making a great box mod. Brandyn talks about several unique features of the Curve V1 and teases his upcoming DNA40 box mod based on the same design language.

Companies like The Mad Carpenter make my happy. It’s an American company that serves up unique made-in-the-USA vaping goods of impeccable quality. Check out the clip above and you’ll see what makes The Mad Carpenter so special.

Mad Carpenter Box Mod Brandyn Young