Vaping Diaries #319: Harlequinn Wood Works Interview (ECC 2015)

Harlequinn Wood Works ECC 2015

It was excellent catching up with The Jester from Harlequinn Wood Works at ECC 2015. I’ve long been a fan of the beautiful pipe mods he made for his previous company. With Harlequinn Wood Works, he’s still making gorgeous vaping pipes, but he’s also making box mods and using exotic materials. At ECC 2015 The Jester showed me his latest wares, including a DNA 200 box mod and a prototype “peace pipe” that he made as a request from his Native American customers. He also told me how his new company differs from his old one (crafting materials in house, more creative freedom, etc.). Check out the interview below for all the details and to see several exquisite Harlequinn Wood Works pieces.

In case you’re wondering about the intro and outro music, it’s a track called “Fire Breather.” The heavy guitar doesn’t match up with the Harlequinn Wood Works theme, but it’s appropriate for The Jester. When he’s not making sweet vaping mods, you can catch The Jester perform fire breathing tricks at different festivals. Rumor has it that he had an impromptu fire-breathing session at an ECC party. In another aside, my joke paraphrasing Queen’s “Fat Bottomed Girls” totally bombed. This is what happens when you refuse to use a script. Ha!

Anyway, if you’re looking for unique and beautiful vaping mods that are handcrafted in America then you should definitely check out Harlequinn Wood Works. The Jester makes some truly fantastic pieces of vaping art that offer a great combination of looks, performance, and functionality. To top it all off, the products are backed by a — to use The Jester’s own words — “as long as I’m alive” lifetime guarantee.