Vaping Diaries #141: Mythical Fabrications Jester Interview (Vapetoberfest 2013)

Mythical Fabrications is a very cool and very eccentric creator of vaping pipes. At Vapetoberfest 2013, I caught up with the head of the company, known as The Jester. He spoke about the company’s new e-pipe system that uses silver wiring for some hard-hitting vaping. For those of you not familiar with Mythical Fabrications, the company makes striking vaping pipes made out of acrylic, metal, stone, and wood. You should definitely check out its site to see its beautiful wares.

One extremely unique aspect of the company is that it’s also a group of fire performers — you know, those guys and gals that breath fire. The Jester spoke about his fire performing and how vaping helped improve his results. Other topics include the upcoming tri-brid device that combines mechanical, variable-voltage, and hybrid functionality. Be sure to watch this video interview on this really unique and exciting company.

On a side note, Mythical Fabrications has made vaping pipes out of Pokeballs. As someone that has literally spent thousands of hours playing various Pokemon games (700+ on Pokemon Pearl alone!), this is something I must have. Hopefully Mythical Fabrications can take a journey to Kanto or Johto so that it can stock up on more Pokeballs. Want!!!

Mythical Fabrications Vapetoberfest 2013

Author: RPadTV