Vaping Diaries #320: Cheesecake Vape Co Interview (ECC 2015)

Cheesecake Vape Co ECC 2015

If you’ve met me in real life or have seen me on camera then you know that I’ve consumed a lot of cheesecake in my time. With that in mind, I was keen on learning about Cheesecake Vape Co. My friends from Rocka Mystic told me about the company and knew that its vaping e-liquids would be right in my wheelhouse. At ECC 2015, I had the chance to talk to Cheesecake Vape Co owner Travis Anthony and hear all about his line of cheesecake-based juices.

While there are several companies that offer cheesecake e-liquids, Cheesecake Vape Co has six flavors on tap. There’s a plain cheesecake, of course, while the other flavors complement the rich cheesecake with fruit notes or additional savory toppings. Travis’ said that his personal favorite is White Chocolate Caramel Cheesesake, which is a terrible idea calorically but delightful to vape. RPadholic N8R was wild about Martian’s Crust Cheesecake, which emphasizes the graham crust. My personal favorite was Sour Blueberry Cheesecake, which has a delicious blend of rich cheesecake and tart fruit. No matter your taste in cheesecake, Cheesecake Vape Co has a flavor (or flavors) for you.

Check out my chat with Travis below to learn about Cheesecake Vape Co, its current lineup of vaping e-liquids, how they’re made with safety in mind, and what’s next for the company.