Vaping Diaries #199: Rocka Mystic Owner Jan Uyl Interview

Rocka Mystic owner Jan Uyl was a pastry chef and baker for more than 30 years. He was also a cigarette smoker for more than 30 years. Thanks to vaping, he was finally able to quit smoking. However, he was never really satisfied with the juices he bought and never could find an all-day vape. He used his culinary expertise to create Rocka Mystic.

Rocka Mystic currently offers five e-liquids that cover a variety of tastes. Skidizzles, Sweet Tart, and Tiger’s Blood will satisfy vapers looking for candy flavors. With creaminess currently en vogue, the company’s Gingerbread Cream has been a hit since the end of 2013; this juice combines a sweet custard with the spicy flavors of a gingerbread cookie. Lastly, Amsterdam Slam blends tobacco, pastry notes, and spices for a really unique vape.

In the interview above, Jan talks about the formation of Rocka Mystic, expands on the company’s current flavor lineup, and talks about the upcoming Strawberry Cheesecake flavor (I’ve been vaping this one for the last few days and it’s delicious!). Jan’s unique background as a pastry chef helps give his juices layers and complexity. Be sure to hit up the Rocka Mystic web site to learn where you can pick up these unique blends.

Rocka Mystic Jan Uyl interview

Special thanks to The Vape Source for letting me film at the shop!

Author: RPadTV