Housekeeping: New Ads and Layout

I have two housekeeping items for you today.

1) You’ll notice some blue links with double underlines throughout the site. I’m experimenting with an ad company while my traditional ads get sorted out. If you think these in-article ads are too obtrusive and/or annoying, please leave a comment here.

2) I’m also thinking of changing the layout of the site. Currently, I like that you can see most or all of an article on each index page. However, things can get pretty long and articles towards the bottom of the page might get ignored. Would you dig a layout similar to a category page? It would keep the index shorter and you’d get a better snapshot of the day. The downer (for you) is that you’d have to do a little bit more clicking. Let me know!

Housekeeping Sunday

Ah, it’s Sunday — while most of my pals are watching NFL games, I’m still coming down from last night’s amazing win by the NY Yankees and figuring out ways to increase site traffic. Since Sunday is a fresh start, I wanted to go over some housekeeping items and give you some factoids on’s first week.

– I was genuinely surprised by the traffic and the amount of comments — like really, truly surprised. Big thanks to everyone that visited and supported the site in the last week. It’s not yet something I can make a living with yet, but with your continued support, some steady growth, and a bit of good luck, who knows?!? For now, I wanted to make sure y’all know how grateful I am for your visits.

– Don’t forget to register with Gravatar if you want to use custom icons for the site. Here are more detailed instructions.

– Anyone have any recommendations for an all-in-one printer? My priorities are printing documents and scanning, but I’d like to print photos every now and then too. Right now I’m looking at the Canon MP980 and the Epson NX515, but I haven’t done a ton of research yet.

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Questions Wanted!!!

Since interaction is a big part of the experience (not to be confused with the Jimi Hendrix Experience), I wanted to get your input for some of the interviews I’ll be conducting in the future. If I use your question, you’ll get credit when the interview runs.

I plan on interviewing a game developer that was the top guy behind a very successful console-gaming franchise. He recently switched over to iPhone development, as he views it as an exciting new market with lots of great creative possibilities.

What would you ask this man?

Housekeeping: Custom Avatars for Comments

A few of you have been wondering how avatars work in the comments section. The blog uses the Gravatar system. If you have a Gravatar account, you can use any avatar you wish. When you make a comment here, be sure to use the same email address associated with your Gravatar account. That will make it so that everyone can see your awesome customized avatar.┬áIf you don’t use Gravatar, you get some funky monster that’s based off of your IP address.

Feel free to leave a comment with your custom avatar hotness!