Housekeeping Sunday

Ah, it’s Sunday — while most of my pals are watching NFL games, I’m still coming down from last night’s amazing win by the NY Yankees and figuring out ways to increase site traffic. Since Sunday is a fresh start, I wanted to go over some housekeeping items and give you some factoids on’s first week.

– I was genuinely surprised by the traffic and the amount of comments — like really, truly surprised. Big thanks to everyone that visited and supported the site in the last week. It’s not yet something I can make a living with yet, but with your continued support, some steady growth, and a bit of good luck, who knows?!? For now, I wanted to make sure y’all know how grateful I am for your visits.

– Don’t forget to register with Gravatar if you want to use custom icons for the site. Here are more detailed instructions.

– Anyone have any recommendations for an all-in-one printer? My priorities are printing documents and scanning, but I’d like to print photos every now and then too. Right now I’m looking at the Canon MP980 and the Epson NX515, but I haven’t done a ton of research yet.

– So far, people from 13 countries have visited As expected, most of the traffic is from America, with a decent amount of Canadians stopping by. My friends and family from the Philippines, Thailand, and England have been spreading the word to their friends. I was surprised to see some users from Austria and Russia. My dream is to develop a large following in Iceland, so I can speak at some Icelandic conference with Bjork…and spend some time chatting with her in a geothermal hot spring.

– Nearly half of the people visiting are using Firefox. Nearly a quarter are using Safari. It makes me happy to see Internet Explorer in third place. Maybe more Chrome users can bump IE down to #4.

– I want to start some contests for the site. The first one should kick off next week. The initial prizes will be small, but hopefully I’ll be getting better stuff to give away soon. Right now I want to keep things uncomplicated — probably award prizes in Coffee Talk based on a random number over 100. Wucha think?

Update 11:55PM PST It looks like Google is angry at me. My AdSense account has been shut down. I heard it’s tough to get it reinstated. I’ve applied for other advertising networks, but approval might take a while. The important thing it to keep increasing site traffic, so I hope you guys keep visiting and commenting!

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9 thoughts on “Housekeeping Sunday”

  1. @ R Pad

    I got a Kodak ESP 7. The best thing about it is that the ink cartridges are like $20 bucks.

    The random number thing could be susceptible to spam.

  2. @TheJediRevan I haven't actually. I do want to do video content, as I have more experience in that area and have some pretty good access. Just saving up for gear/software/crew fees.

  3. Alright, Well let me know and I'll get you in touch with the guy who would handle all that. We've got a similar deal with a couple of other gaming sites where we both basically exchanged free banner ads.

  4. Did your adsense get terminated because of the excessive clicking lol?

    Great job on the site Ray. Even if it doesn't pan out where this is what you can do for a living and you have to abandon it for the next job, it sure is a great part of your resume. Shows determination and a willingness to succeed. Very American. (just for you)

  5. @Smartguy Probably. If I had to guess, it's probably from people in my building clicking on too many ads. Google gets suspicious if too many clicks are coming from one area. Apparently 40 percent of all AdSense accounts get cancelled. Hopefully I get approved by Microsoft's of Yahoo!'s equivalent soon!!!

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