Housekeeping: New Ads and Layout

I have two housekeeping items for you today.

1) You’ll notice some blue links with double underlines throughout the site. I’m experimenting with an ad company while my traditional ads get sorted out. If you think these in-article ads are too obtrusive and/or annoying, please leave a comment here.

2) I’m also thinking of changing the layout of the site. Currently, I like that you can see most or all of an article on each index page. However, things can get pretty long and articles towards the bottom of the page might get ignored. Would you dig a layout similar to a category page? It would keep the index shorter and you’d get a better snapshot of the day. The downer (for you) is that you’d have to do a little bit more clicking. Let me know!

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10 thoughts on “Housekeeping: New Ads and Layout”

  1. 1) Obtrusive is a good word to describe it. It may just be the color of the links though. Annoying… not yet, but give it time. Also, a few of them don't go to any advertisement in particular. One of them, when SkullOne typed "God of War", it went to religious hype.

    That's a tad annoying.

    2) Please leave the layout the way it is. We like to read or else we wouldn't be here.

  2. Yeah, I'm pretty disappointed with the context of the ads, but hopefully that's just a matter of the system working through the site. Hopefully the ads are relevant by Monday at the latest.

  3. Can you change the color? People will notice the double underline alone if you even made them white.

    When it brought up "Find out more about God" for for God of War I was thinking… I wonder what religion this will take me too.

    The answer… All of them, except Buddhism.

  4. They're a little more bold, but that doesn't hurt the eyes nearly as much as the blue.

    It works for me.

  5. Now that I look at it closer…

    It's kind of distracting from the words you intentionally make bold. The intentional links take a slight hit but are still noticeable because they're yellow.

    Wait to get some more feedback if you're on the fence. Are you still gonna get ads on the top above the searchbar?

  6. I don't mind the double underlined words. Makes things easier to load on my iphone still as opposed to ad banners. Are they supposed to take me to a luckyresults search engine or webcrawler? Only one seemed to work and it took me to to look at sony tvs.

    As far as the layout goes, I like the current layout in use. Articles being buried are part of the game, however most people who come here tend to read. The "ticker" at the top of the page that shows the latest stories is pretty neat and should help people see the buried stories. It has for me anyway.

  7. As far as the layout goes, I don't mind digging, or surfing the front page. I like to read and I generally tend to surf the related post section anyway to jump through older articles. Consider my vote the tie-breaker, I'll go for whatever.

  8. Personally I like the Category layout better. I don't mind clicking a link to get the full read, and I'd rather not miss anything. Admittedly I skip over most tech news anyway and stick mostly to the gaming news. Personal preference. But I'd rather not miss something because it get's pushed off the front page too quickly.

  9. i like the layout the way that it is, i think. i personally go mostly to the recent posts tab near the top right of the page, and that is how i navigate to older articles.

    havent seen the hyperlinks yet, so i can let you know about those later.

    but to agree with N8R "We like to read or else we wouldn’t be here."

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