Housekeeping: LAX to SFO

Hey guys, I’m heading to San Francisco shortly to attend my friend’s memorial service. I’ll be checking in when I can, either via BlackBerry or late tonight when I’m settled in. Help yourself to anything in the fridge and be sure to turn the lights off before you go.

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25 thoughts on “Housekeeping: LAX to SFO”

    1. So I got to LAX early and snagged an earlier flight. Unfortunately it took 30 minutes to get a wheelchair and security was super slow. I ended up back on my original flight.

      LAX is the worst major airport in the world. All the other biggies I use –especially in Asia– make it look like a frickin' joke!!!

      (And yes, I'm on my BlackBerry)

  1. @rpad

    i hate LAX especially for domestic flights…the best airport i have ever been to was the Hong Kong International airport. yes, if someone pays me 5 dollars a day to live there i would. i would.

  2. oh yeah, good luck on the trip ray, hope the stewardesses give you a nice glass of freshly opened cognac…..or a sandwich…

  3. @Ray

    you should have demanded a litter in the absence of a wheelchair.

    Don't forget the beers.

    Best regards on the thing though.

  4. Mr. Padilla;

    Learn how to fly a helicopter, like I did. In Torrance, CA there is a company called the Robinson Helicopter Company. Stop by if you can and check out the factory. It will blow your mind.

    Once you're a pilot, you can rent an aircraft and fly it to a local general aviation airport. At those smaller airports, they usually have courtesy cars for the pilots to drive around in (sometimes free of charge!)

    Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know. It's too expensive to learn how to fly, blah, blah, blah, etc. Trust me, once a commercial airline has destroyed/lost/abused your luggage and you for the umpteenth time, you'll wish you'd learn how to fly earlier.


  5. if i drove an ice cream truck id play gwar instead of the customary ice cream truck jingle music

  6. NWA is a damn good idea lol.

    I personally would play some Ozzy. Mr.Tinkertrain and Mr.Crowley cone to mind.

  7. i might actually just get audio from herbert the child molester and play that in a loop

    i got some popsicles in the basement

  8. popsicles for the muscly arm boys huh Thundercracker?

    maybe when my ice cream truck stopped I would play 2LiveCrew "Face down Ass up"



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