Questions Wanted!!!

Since interaction is a big part of the experience (not to be confused with the Jimi Hendrix Experience), I wanted to get your input for some of the interviews I’ll be conducting in the future. If I use your question, you’ll get credit when the interview runs.

I plan on interviewing a game developer that was the top guy behind a very successful console-gaming franchise. He recently switched over to iPhone development, as he views it as an exciting new market with lots of great creative possibilities.

What would you ask this man?

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  1. I'm wondering how they plan to provide a deep game experience on a platform that is full of shallow games. Also, how do they plan on using the most of out the touch screen and accelerometer. for the most part I've been really disappointed with the controls of a lot of games on iPhone

  2. Well, I've always wanted to know (from a developer's prospective) what are the pros and cons to developing a game on a console, PC, or iPhone.


  3. Is the degree of difficulty in games tied to the target market and or age group? What dictates or factors determine the saleability of a game?

  4. With several different phone types, including WebOS, Blackberry, Iphone, etc. What made you go with I-phone development?

    With Nintendo at the front of the handheld market, what can you do on an Iphone that cannot be done on a DS/DSI/ whatever next generation handheld they have worked up?

  5. @ Ray,

    w/o those three tabs, it makes it a bit mor difficult to navigate around your site/between articles =/ i gueeess i could get use to this

  6. oh yeah, my question.. dear THE top guy…


    lol j/k

    Q: if you have any current projects in the works, is the size of the content of any concern? how much space are we talking about draining out of my device? i still have to get my music on, you know =P

  7. Wonderful. Now when I address you as "Mr. Padilla", you two are going to get confused. Does this mean I have to be on my best behavior because your father is reading this?


  8. What is making the IPhone the "it" platform for development when it's competition is more established like the DS and PSP?

  9. Question: What are the development costs and times as compared to a home console? Proportional reference is acceptable and merited.

    Question: Do you see a more advantageous market on the Iphone since the cheaper software is priced for impulse buyers?

    Last question: WIll you please promise not to use the accelerometer in a stupid fashion like in Katamari? You seriously have to hold the device away from you so far you can't see the screen. Thanks!

  10. How many people are usually on an iPhone game development team? Is it one guy locked in a closet or is it comparable to any other game?

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