Pokepark Officially Announced for Nintendo Wii

Pokepark Wii

Japanese retailers have been blogging about the upcoming Pokepark for Wii, but Nintendo Japan has been mum on the game…until now. Andriasang reported:

In Pokepark Wii, you take control of Pikachu and work through mini games with other Pokemon. After making friends with Pokemon through tag, battle, and quiz mini-games, you can cooperate with your new friends in more advanced events.

If you’ve been reading my stuff then you know that I’m a giant Pokemon nerd. While the game doesn’t sound as if it will offer the rich experience of the Pokemon role-playing games, I’m still psyched for it. Plus, it kind of mimics my real life in that you make friends “through tag, battle, and quiz mini-games”.

Anyone else down for some more Pokemon action on Wii?


Author: RPadTV