Tarver Games’ Ghosts Attack Teaser Video

A few days ago, I asked you for questions for an iPhone developer that’s being headed up by a “top guy” with extensive console experience. The developer is Tarver Games. The man is Chris Cross. The game is Ghosts Attack. Some of you might be familiar with Cross as a former game design director at EA, responsible for numerous Medal of Honor titles. After a successful run on consoles, he’s turning his attention to Apple’s iPhone and iPod Touch.

Ghosts Attack is being positioned as the Tarver’s flagship title for iPhone. One of the most interesting features about it is that it uses Google Maps to dynamically create levels that resemble your current surroundings. I’ll be chatting with Chris soon to learn more about the game and to ask him your questions. For now, check out this trailer and let me know what you think (please)!

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7 thoughts on “Tarver Games’ Ghosts Attack Teaser Video”

  1. this seems to be very similar to system flaw which is supposed to come out for the DSi sometime in the near future i believe.

    interesting concept, using google maps. System flaw is supposed to use the DSi camera to create the area that you play in. they are both interesting concepts, and both very similar, so i am excited to see how both of these games play once they come out.

  2. I did not know Tarver was a designer. After his loss to Chad Johnson and unispiring turn in Rocky Balboa, I lost sight of him. Love the new site. Need a lawyer? (looking for work scenario)

  3. @jpkmets Ha! I'm on the unemployment line too man.

    While I love listening to The Mighty Milk Dud of Malice run his mouth, Tarver Games is Jim Tarver, not Antonio. Besides, Cross is more fun to hang out with anyway.

  4. Tarver sure can talk, but he's a mid-carder in his life. He beat Jones twice and yet iis gonna be haunted by Jones and Hopkins 4eva! I'm excited for Jones v Hopkins. Only 10 years too late! I'm thinking about opening my own practice and underselling my old bosses by like 60%. It's not like I'll take their business — or all of it. Still I got a dream to go and displace them all with no notie when I buy the Morgan Stanley building.

  5. btw hope your state gives more $$$$ for unemployment than NY. Bunch of cheap motherfuckers.

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