Vaping Diaries #353: Madz Modz Interview

Madz Modz logo

One of the highlights of my March trip to the Philippines was meeting Madz Modz owner Eddie Amado. He’s one of the pioneers of the Filipino vaping scene and has made some truly beautiful mechanical mods. Back in 2013, the Madz Modz Nzonic was one of the most sought after mechs in the game. It offered a brilliant combination of performance, versatility, and style (love the Filipino sun juice well!). In the interview below, Eddie talks a bit about Madz Modz’s history, as well as a few recent products.

Eddie spoke about the performance of the Nzonic. At the time, it was one of the hardest hitting mechs available. The performance was especially impressive when you consider that it’s a telescoping device (more connections lead to more opportunities for voltage loss). The stainless steel Nzonic outperformed many single-tube brass mods that were available at the time.

Inspired by his wife’s lipstick, the Madz Modz Arama has a unique locking mechanism that’s built into the switch. Whereas many mechanical mods leave an unsightly gap in the locking area, you won’t be able to tell whether the Arama is locked or unlocked with the naked eye. Similarly novel is the Madz Modz Royale. This mech has a firing switch that’s built into the mod, so there are less parts to clean. Since there are less parts to clean, the Royale will perform more consistently in the long run.

As for future products, Eddie has been toying with Yihi SX350 chips and is planning to make a box mod. With a glut of C-frame devices already available, he won’t be adding another one. Expect another uniquely stylish Madz Modz vaping product, but this time in box mod form. I hope that Eddie uses the Filipino flourishes that made the Nzonic so aesthetically appealing.

To get to know one of the true innovators in the vaping world, watch my chat with Madz Modz Eddie Amado below.