Vaping Diaries #352: Random Thoughts on the ProVari Radius

ProVape ProVari Radius 1

ProVape recently revealed the ProVari Radius box mod. This is a huge deal for several reasons. If you’ve been vaping for several years then you remember when ProVape’s ProVari tube mods were the best in the business. Since then, the company’s products have been surpassed by various mods that use Evolv DNA chips and Yihi SX chips. There are many vapers that feel that ProVape hasn’t kept up with the times and that its products aren’t what today’s vapers want. The ProVari Radius was meant to address any “ProVape has fallen behind” issues. On paper, it does and it doesn’t. Here are some random thoughts on ProVape’s ProVari Radius.

Since I’ve been in a great mood for the last month and want to keep things positive, I’ll start with the good. ProVape’s customer service and support are among the best in the business — far better than what most vaping companies offer. The form factor of the ProVari Radius looks great; it’s a relatively small box that should feel comfortable in most hands. As with previous ProVape mods, the ProVari Radius has a number of safety features that are great for beginners. The mod is made in the USA, which matters to vapers that want to support American products and jobs.

Aside from the modern form factor, the ProVari Radius seems more like a 2014 mod than a 2015 one. While the specs are fine for many vapers, others will find that the 0.3-ohm coil limit and 9.5 amp power limit are deal-breakers. ProVape’s chip also lacks temperature control, which is a feature that many vapers enjoy. Considering the 0.3-ohm limit and 40-watt range, the $199.95 price seems steep. Yes, you’re getting ProVape’s excellent customer support, but it’s for a box mod that has less capabilities and range than cheaper products.

ProVape ProVari Radius 2

So who is the ProVari Radius for? Certainly ProVape has thousands of fans that are eager to buy the latest mod the company has to offer. There are also many vapers that will be perfectly happy with the box’s ohm and power limits. If you’re the kind of vaper that sticks to pre-made coils with tanks or builds coils above 0.3-ohms then the ProVari Radius is worth a look if you vape under 40 watts. Otherwise, there are most interesting options that use Evolv’s DNA 200 or Yihi’s SX350-J chips. Those products offer more capabilities and versatility. While it’s nice to see an American vaping company like ProVape make progress, it’s disappointing that the ProVari Radius doesn’t appeal to a wider variety of vapers. ProVari tube mods were once desired all over the world. Today, there are several great choices out there and I don’t see the ProVari Radius having the same level of appeal.