Vaping Diaries #340: Sub Ohm Innovations Competition RDA Interview

Sub Ohm Innovations Competition RDA

Sub Ohm Innovations had a pair of excellent vaping products on display at ECC 2015. Company owner Cale Crase was kind enough to tell me about them on camera. First up is a black version of the company’s fantastic Subzero Competition Mod. When I first saw the Subzero at Vape Summit III, I was extremely impressed and had to pick one up on the spot. The black version packs all of the great features and top-notch performance of the original, and adds a slick and durable black finish over the copper body. The Subzero is my favorite tube mod of 2015 (so far) and I’m tempted to pick up the black model…because, you know, it looks cool.

On the atomizer side, Cale showed me the Subzero Competition RDA. Like the mod, the Competition RDA packs a ton of great features and is available at a great price ($65). It has a deep juice well and dual-post design for easy building. The really cool, unique, and convenient feature of the Subzero Competition RDA is that the deck can slide up from the bottom, offering a nifty building stand. The feature is one of those clever ideas that makes you wonder, “Man that’s smart. Why haven’t I seen this before?!?”

Sub Ohm Innovations was a VapeSafe USA partner at ECC 2015. The organization is a collective of companies and individuals that want to educate the public on vaping safety. In addition to showing off his two awesome products in the interview, Cale spent some time talking about VapeSafe USA’s mission. From what I’ve learned, the group is doing important and much-needed work that will benefit the vaping business and consumers alike.

Check out my ECC 2015 chat with Sub Ohm Innovations Cale to learn more about the black Subzero Competition Mod, the Subzero Competition RDA, and VapeSafe USA.