Vaping Diaries #308: Sub Ohm Innovations Subzero Mod Interview (Vape Summit)

Sub Ohm Innovations Subzero

One of the most powerful mods on display at Vape Summit III, the Sub Ohm Innovations Subzero is a competition-level mod that offers a combination of power, unique features, and beautifully understated looks. Company owner Cale Crase spent some time going over the mod’s features with me at the show and I walked away thoroughly impressed. After spending nearly two weeks with the Sub Ohm Innovations Subzero, I’ve found it to be one of the hardest hitting mods I’ve used. It’s seriously impressive and I love its aesthetics.

There are several things that makes the Sub Ohm Innovations Subzero such a powerhouse. To start with, the body is made from C145 copper, which is highly conductive. The stock copper contacts are beefy, again allowing for maximum conductivity. Silver-plated contacts, as seen on the Limited Edition model at the show, will be available in the future. The most novel aspect of the mod is its eight-point clutch-contact system, which allows for efficient and consistent contact, even on off-center presses. While all of these features add up to extreme power, safety was also considered; the Sub Ohm Innovations Subzero uses a simple 90-degree locking mechanism. Many “competition level” mods lack a locking mechanism, but Cale felt that safety was important.

With its power and unique features, you’d think that the Sub Ohm Innovations Subzero would come at a premium price. That’s not the case at all. The mod has a very affordable MSRP of $135.

While I’m not a cloud chaser by any means, I’ve used quite a few competition-level mods. Along with the venerable Rig, the Sub Ohm Innovations Subzero is the most powerful mod I’ve ever used. I was hanging out at Vape Star the other day and builder Andearu was surprised when the Sub ohm Innovations Subzero clowned his AmeraVape Manhattan (one of the most popular competition-level mods of 2014). Whether you’re looking for pure power, want a mod with novel engineering, or want a mod that’s elegantly understated, you should definitely check out the Sub Ohm Innovations Subzero.

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    1. Using the LE with silver-plated contacts, this and the Rig are the hardest hitters I’ve tried. The production model will have copper contacts, with silver being an additional cost.

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