Vaping Diaries #307: Paratus Mods Submariner Interview (Vape Summit)

Paratus Mods Submariner

With a low price and great features, the Paratus Mods Submariner looks like a fantastic vaping deal. When I last chatted with company co-owner Eric Lunn at ECC 2014, the Paratus Mods Submariner was teased. At Vape Summit III, the mod arrived and, at a glance, I was pretty impressed with what it brings to the table for such a low price. All models of the Paratus Mods Submariner have a direct contact top cap for maximum conductivity, a magnetic switch, a concave firing button to prevent auto-firing, and peek insulators that can withstand extreme builds. The price differs depending on the metal selected. The Paratus Mods Submariner comes in brass, copper, brass/nickel, nickel/brass, and titanium, with suggested retail prices of $115, $125, $135, $135, and $225, respectively.

At Vape Summit III, Eric went over the Paratus Mods Submariner’s features and showed off some special editions made just for the show. Again, what the company is offering for the price is quite noteworthy. Like its other products, the Paratus Mods Submariner is made-in-the-USA. The price points — bottom to top — are impressive. Even the top-of-the-line titanium model caught my eye, considering that I haven’t seen a titanium mod for less than $400. While the special Vape Summit III editions (shown in the video below) were fantastic, I think you guys and gals need to email the company for a Paratus Mods Submariner RPadTV edition with my face and logo on it. Really, you do. :p

Anyway, check out my Vape Summit III interview with Eric Lunn to learn more about the Paratus Mods Submariner. I hope that this mod gets a nice marketing push, as I’m all about made-in-the-USA vaping devices with novel features succeeding and I’m a fan of how Paratus Mods operates. After you’ve perused the video, kindly leave a comment and let me know what you think of the Paratus Mods Submariner.