Vaping Diaries #339: Founder’s Favorites Interview

Founder's Favorites ECC 2015

Founder’s Favorites was the last interview RPadholic¬†N8R and I shot at ECC 2015, but it was also the biggest e-liquid surprise I had all show. I learned about the company through POET Michelle, who was very impressed with the Founder’s Favorites crew’s juices and professionalism. When Nate and I stopped by the booth to try the e-liquids, we were similarly floored. When I learned about the company’s concept and how they came up with these flavors, I was floored. In the ECC 2015 interview below, Founder’s Favorites CEO Samad Lakhani talks about his company and how the six Los Angeles Edition flavors came to be.

In order to differentiate its juices from the ever-growing e-liquid market, Founder’s Favorite decided to base its six LA Edition juices on foods from actual Los Angeles eateries. As a huge fan of The Pie Hole, I was thrilled to see that the company has a juice based on the restaurant’s Earl Grey Pie. Samad also told me about Cookie Butter (based on the Trader Joe’s favorite) and Affogato (from Culina at The Four Seasons Beverly Hills). The Founder’s Favorites crew spent months eating at various Los Angeles restaurants to come up with ideas for e-liquids. After flavors were picked, they spent months focus testing the flavors at various trade shows and finalized the six LA Edition flavors. As an Angeleno with a sweet tooth, I love the Founder’s Favorites concept and appreciate the e-liquids.

If all goes well, Founder’s Favorites will tackle New York next.¬†If the team comes up with an authentic cannoli vape, I will love them forever. To learn more about Founder’s Favorites, check out my ECC 2015 chat with Samad below.

Notes: I completely flubbed the company’s name thrice in the interview. Also, my voice was close to shot after four days of filming. I apologize to Samad for my error (but not-so-secretly blame N8R for not correcting me…ha).

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