Vaping Diaries #275: Craft Vapery on Mike & Dr. Drew

Craft Vapery — in my opinion, the best e-liquid subscription service in the vaping business — made a special guest appearance on the Mike & Dr. Drew podcast. Company co-founders Omri Agam and Joshua Krane did a fantastic job representing the vape industry in a positive way. The two helped explain vaping to a general audience in clear and concise fashion. There are millions of people out there that have no idea what vaping is and many that have been given incorrect information about it. While vape enthusiasts are familiar with the ins and outs of vaping, mainstream outreach is vital for growth of the vaping business. Having great reps like Omri and Josh is an excellent, excellent thing. Through their appearance on the Mike & Dr. Drew podcast, I’m sure that the Craft Vapery guys helped many people find a great way to quit smoking tobacco cigarettes. Well done, gentlemen!

Author: RPadTV