Vaping Diaries #169: Craft Vapery Unboxing Video

Back inĀ Vaping Diaries #159, I wrote about Craft Vapery. It’s a new subscription-based e-liquid service that offers a curated approach to vaping juices. First, the big news — pricing has gone down from $40 for three 15ml to $33 for three 15ml. While the price is still more expensive that what most online e-liquid vendors offer, it’s a little bit cheaper than what’s found at most brick-and-mortar vape shops. Remember, what you’re getting with Craft Vapery is highly personalized service and curated juice recommendations. For certain vapers, the service can be quite valuable.

To give you a better idea of the Craft Vapery experience, I filmed a video of my first Craft Vapery box. I was really impressed by the packaging and presentation. The selected juices were from top vendors and fit into the flavor profile I created. All three were good to great. I was given DNA Vapor’s The Dough, since I noted that I enjoy bakery-type juices. This is a cookie dough e-liquid that’s a delicious treat. As big tobacco fan, I was given The Force Vapors’ Chewbacco, an RY4-style juice with blueberry notes. This is a good dessert juice, but not really what I enjoy in tobaccos or RY4s; for tobacco juices I greatly prefer naturally-extracted tobacco and for RY4s I prefer classics, like the original Janty formula. Lastly, I was given Blueprint Vapor’s Page Six, which is a complex blend of green tea, fruits, and cream. As a fan of complexity, I really enjoyed this juice and have a feeling that I’ll dig it even more after it steeps.

For the most part, I was pleased with what Craft Vapery chose for me. All the flavors fit into my vaping wheelhouse. Page Six was a lovely surprise that I might not have discovered on my own. My tobacco preferences are really particular, so it wasn’t surprising that I wasn’t given a tobacco e-liquid that floored me.

For vapers that are already set in their ways, buying the same juices from the same juice companies, Craft Vapery doesn’t make much sense. For vapers that haven’t found the right juice or for vapers that are always looking for something new, Craft Vapery can be a great service. If you fall into one of those two categories then I recommend giving Craft Vapery a shot. Based on the box I received, there’s a good chance that the company will help you find a juice that you love.

Craft Vapery Review

Author: RPadTV