Vaping Diaries #159: Craft Vapery Curated E-Liquid

Craft Vapery is taking a unique and intelligent approach to e-liquids that benefits newcomers to vaping, vaping veterans, and everyone in between. The company offers a curated and personalized vaping experience. After selecting different types of flavors you like, Craft Vapery sends you three selections per month. Your flavor choices and the recommendations of the company’s expert curators determine what juices you’re sent. Throughout your subscription, your flavor profile evolves in order to help you find different e-liquids that hit your vaping sweet spot.

In a recent press release, Craft Vapery CEO Omri Agam said, “With so many new products coming on the market all the time and no system to determine what’s good and what’s not, we’ve also felt the confusion and frustration shared by so many of our fellow vapers. Basically, we wanted to create a company that we wish had existed when we started vaping. So we put together a team of incredibly talented industry veterans in order to bring the very best in-store experience online, to everybody.”

To give you an idea of what the Craft Vapery experience is like, check out the web site images below.

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New vapers have the option of adding a starter kit to the mix, while intermediate vapers can add cartomizers, clearomizers, and clearo heads to their monthly orders. Advanced vapers that primarily use rebuildable atomizers can focus on the juice. One of the cool things about Craft Vapery’s curated service is that it appeals to all levels of vapers. In the aforementioned press release, Craft Vapery president Joshua Krane said, “In the end, we believe that it’s this passion that will make a curated, premium subscription offering like ours a success. We’re set to deliver the best of the vape shop experience, straight to your door.”

Craft Vapery will initially be available to 300 vapers. It will cost $40 a month (juices only) for three 15ml bottles of e-liquid. Here are more details from the press release.

Signup for the exclusive box subscriptions, delivered directly to homes, begins December 16, with the first boxes shipping early January 2014. Each box contains three hand picked and curated flavors of vaping liquid, selected by personal curators drawing on each subscriber’s ‘flavor profile’ and assisted by Craft’s personal recommendation engine. Craft Vapery users can each rate their monthly selection, awarding their favorites and noting personal preferences, to aid future curation and ensure the most tailored experience possible.

While the cost per milliliter is slightly higher than what many top online e-liquid vendors offer, Craft Vapery includes personalized service that’s constantly evolving. In addition to the company’s recommendation engine and expert curators, there will be Craft Vapery employees available by email and phone, ready to help you find the juice that’s right for you. On paper, it sounds like a great idea with tremendous potential to help vapers find what’s best for them. More importantly, Craft Vapery has the potential to help vapers avoid wasting money on juices they don’t like. It’s like having a great store at your disposal without having to leave the comfort of your home. (Translate: It’s like being able to go to a great vape shop in your boxers!)

In addition to checking out the Craft Vapery web site, you can get more information by keeping up with the company’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages. If you’re all set to give Craft Vapery a shot, the company has a special offer for RPad.TV readers — use the coupon code RPAD20 to receive 20 percent off your first Craft Vapery order.

I’ve a bunch of Craft Vapery coverage slated for the future. For now, please let me know what you think of the company’s approach to vaping e-liquids.

Craft Vapery box

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  1. Thats pretty innovative. After Amazon, I get everything delivered to my house anyway, why not add my e liquid to the list of things.

  2. While I think this is a pretty innovative idea, I’ve become much too particular about e liquid to take the chance that I end of with things that I won’t like. This may be a great option for someone who: (1) isn’t very picky and likes most e liquids, and/or (2) someone who is still on a quest for ADVs. Honestly, $40 a month (and, granted, shipping is included) seems a bit steep for what one gets–there are a lot of premium e liquid makers with much lower prices (AND, you know what you’re getting).

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