Vaping Diaries #265: Good Vibes Kuya Ray Interview (Vapecon USA)

If there’s a vaping event in Southern California, Good Vibes E-Liquid creator Kuya Ray is more than likely to be there. I’m pretty sure there are at least three of him, because dude is everywhere. Ever the hustler, Kuya Ray has been netting a ton of attention with Good Vibes’ juices. A lot of my friends are hooked on Lei’d and LA Lovin’. In the Vapecon USA 2014 interview above, Kuya Ray talks about those flavors, the Morning Wood and First Kiss juices, and a couple of upcoming additions. There’s also a tangent about how one of our pervy friends from Cloud Kicker Society helped come up with a clever juice name. There’s also talk of an upcoming e-liquid that may or may not be called Golden Showers. Ha!

Good Vibes Kuya Ray interview

Author: RPadTV