Vaping Diaries #264: MVPZ Cindy Kaminaka Interview (Vapecon USA)

MVPZ Cindy Kaminaka Interview

Mom’s Vape Protectorz (MVPZ) owner Cindy Kaminaka is a fixture in the SoCal vape scene. She’s a mother figure or big-sister type for so many SoCal vapers. Her company also makes some of the best mod protectors in the business. MVPZ mod protectors are made primarily from neoprene, which is soft, cushioned, and stretchable. The company offers models that can accommodate eGo-style e-cigs, 18xxx mods, 26650 mods, and box mods. Several MVPZ models are also available with horizontal or vertical velcro straps, allowing them to be attached to a backpack strap or belt. With their great protection, versatility, and good looks, MVPZ mod protectors are my favorite mod holders.

In the interview above, Cindy talks about how the company got started, the various mod protectors she has available, what’s coming next, and how our friend from Convict Vapors uses his MVPZ to vape while on his motorcycle.

Author: RPadTV

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  1. Mom is great! A true asset to the vape community. I’ve had a MVP’z mod holder for almost a year now , still going strong.

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