Vaping Diaries #171: CMII Double Cross 1.5 Atomizer Review

Crescent Moon Innovations International’s Double Cross 1.5 atomizer is one of the more innovative rebuildable drippers I’ve used. It has several novel features and was made with flat ribbon users in mind. There are many things I love about the CMII Double Cross 1.5, but there’s one aspect of the RDA that I was unsatisfied with. Read on for the full details of this unique atomizer.

What’s in the Kit: The CMII Double Cross 1.5 comes with the atomizer, a hex wrench for the posts, and an authenticity card.

Build Quality: The Double Cross 1.5 is made primarily from “food grade” stainless steel. The company notes that the posts are also made with this material; some vendors use cheaper metals for the posts, while CMII does not. The atomizer is available in all-steel or with a gold-plated sleeve. Overall, I was very happy with the materials CMII used to make the Double Cross 1.5

What I wasn’t happy with was the atomizer’s fit and finish. All three atomizers I had were filthy, with lots of gunk inside. Originally I thought it was machine oil, but was told, “there’s a big probability that something happened during the shipping.” While it’s possible that grime accumulated inside the (bubble-wrapped) atomizer during shipping, it’s quite unlikely, so I was unsatisfied with the answer I received.

After washing the atomizers with dish soap and water, a dark layer of tarnish developed. This hasn’t happened with any of the dozens of atomizers I’ve owned. I was told, “the topcap is really dark since it’s antique finish, that’s the original topcap color of DoubleCross V1.5.” However, after polishing the atomizers with Mother’s Mag and Aluminum Polish, the tarnish was gone. So again, I wasn’t happy with the answer I received. Antique and tarnish are two very different things.

All told, build quality of the Double Cross 1.5 — at least the three that I received — was mixed. I was happy with the materials and construction, but was unsatisfied with the fit and finish. I’ve never owned an atomizer that arrived so dirty and tarnished so badly after one washing.

Design: Using flat ribbon on the Double Cross 1.5 is a breeze. It uses post slits instead of common post holes. Threading flat ribbon through atomizer post holes can be tricky. Threading it through the Double Cross 1.5’s post slits couldn’t be easier. For people that use flat ribbon exclusively or occasionally use it, this atomizer is a joy to work with.

The air-flow control of the Double Cross 1.5 is also novel. It has two slits on each side, instead of common air holes. A sleeve on the main body can be adjusted to cover the slit. For dual-coil use, you have a wide range of air-flow options that will satisfy most flavor fiends and cloud chasers. Single-coil use is a bit trickier for vapers looking for a firm draw; it was tough to get a satisfyingly tight draw on this atomizer when only using one coil.

The features of the CMII Double Cross 1.5 are unique and different from the majority of atomizers on the market. As someone that prefers flat ribbon over wire, I loved how easy it is to set up this atomizer. I was also impressed by the broad range of air flow options with the “cyclops” slits.

CMII Double Cross 1.5 Review

Verdict: Aside from my disappointment with the fit and finish, I really enjoyed using the CMII Double Cross 1.5. There are many vaping products on the market that have unique features that are gimmicky. That’s not the case with the Double Cross 1.5. CMII implemented unique features that are practical for certain vapers. Ribbon users and vapers that frequently change air flow according to juice or mood will love using this atomizer.

I’ve seen the Double Cross 1.5 available for $80 to $90. The price is on the high end for rebuildable drippers, but it can be worth it for ribbon users looking for convenience and versatility. If you don’t use ribbon then there are better choice that offer similar versatility and better build quality for the same price or less.

Author: RPadTV