Peyton Manning’s Omaha Call Raises $24,800 For Charity

In the RPad.TV Google+ Hangout, a bunch of us have been chatting about Peyton Manning’s “Omaha” call. The line-of-scrimmage shout has been getting a lot of play in the media lately. While Manning has been using it for a long time, it has been getting more attention thanks to the parabolic microphones NFL quarterbacks have been wearing for the last few years. While Omaha has become a wacky Internet sensation, Manning has turned it into a positive through his Peyback Foundation charity. In the AFC Championship Game, the Omaha call was used to raise $24,800 for charity.

According to ESPN:

Eight businesses will donate the money to Manning’s Peyback Foundation after they committed to donate a combined $800 for each time he said the word ‘Omaha’ at the line of scrimmage. Manning said ‘Omaha’ 31 times during Sunday’s game against the New England Patriots.

Businesses based in Omaha that donated the money included Omaha Steaks, Mutual of Omaha, FNB Omaha, CenturyLink, ConAgra Foods, Union Pacific, DJ’s Dugout and Cox Communications. Brown says he expects the program will now continue on to the Super Bowl, with each ‘Omaha’ Manning utters being worth more money since more Omaha businesses will participate.

That’s pretty cool. It’s great to see a high-profile athlete like Manning quickly react to the media and spin it into a charitable effort. Of course his agents and managers probably had everything a lot to do with it, but even that’s nice to see. Last week, all the sports shows were talking about Omaha. Hundreds of Internet videos popped up, making fun of Manning’s excessive Omaha usage. Hell, I was even saying it at the grocery because it’s fun and entertains my fellow shoppers.

To celebrate Peyton Manning’s charitable use of the Omaha call, I’d like all of you to say it (loudly) at least five times this week in public places. I will commit to a minimum of nine. Who’s with me?!?


Author: RPadTV