Vaping Diaries #162: Envision Vapor Glass Drip Tip Review

Envision Vapor offers handblown glass drip tips that are made in the USA. The tips are beautiful, unique, and well made. They’re made from borosilicate glass, which many vapers know from Corning’s Pyrex brand. While some vapers are wary of glass drip tips, there are some very good reasons to consider them over plastic and metal ones. Before I get into those reasons, I want to make it clear that Envision Vapor’s glass drip tips are my favorite. I’ve been using several of these tips for the last few months and I couldn’t be happier with them.

The first reason I recommend Envision Vapor glass drip tips is mouthfeel. Glass simply feels better on your mouth than plastic or metal. Think about beverages you drink at a nice restaurant. They’re not served in plastic or metal cups. They’re served in glass. Unless you’re the type of vaper that likes to chew on drips tips, you’ll likely prefer the mouthfeel of glass over other drip tip materials.

Heat dissipation is another reason why glass drip tips are great. Out of the dozens of drips I have, glass does a superior job at dissipating heat. This is hugely important for sub-ohm vapers and chain vapers. When using a 0.5-ohm dual-coil setup, my metal drip tips get too hot and I have to stop vaping for a bit. Even my insulated metal drip tips get very warm. Although my Envision Vapor drip tips heat up during sub-ohm chain-vaping, they never get uncomfortably warm.

Some vapers shy away from glass drip tips because of perceived durability issues. The two standard Envision Vapor drip tips I have are made from fairly thick glass. I’ve seen the owner of the company bounce them off hard floors and they were fine. I’ve dropped my mod on carpeted floors (several times) and my tips were fine. The one time I broke an Envision Vapor drip tip was when I accidentally flung my mod across the room (yes, alcohol was involved) and the tip cracked. Keep in mind that this was a thinner Maria Tube. The standard Envision Vapor drip tips are durable — probably more than most vapers think.

Envision Vapor Review

For the last several months, I’ve been using Envision Vapor drip tips that are great for flavor fiends. The three shapes I’ve been using — the Maria Tube, Disc, and Teardrop models — feature thin air holes for concentrated flavor. In many ways, the Maria Tube reminds me of the draw of the standard Kayfun tip (which I love) — it shoots your mouth with a lovely, concentrated blast of flavor. If you’re a cloud chaser that’s looking for an airier draw or you want to drip directly into your drip tip then you should consider the Pooh Pot model that Envision Vapor offers. As a flavor guy, I was really happy with the three drip tip shapes I selected.

As for pricing, the standard Envision Vapor drip tips cost $29.99, while the Maria Tubes cost $15.99. While those prices are certainly higher than cheap metal or plastic drip tips that are made-in-China, the prices are inline with other high-end drip tips. Personally, I think that the prices are fair. These are made-in-the-USA products that are very well made. I like them more than enough to buy more at the $29.99 price.

Like I said in the intro, these are my favorite drip tips on the market. They look great, handle heat nicely, and feel good in your mouth. I highly recommend Envision Vapor glass drip tips. Check out the company web site to see the different models and colors available. If you’d like more information on the company then check out this interview I did with Envision Vapor owners Rob DeRieux and Jason Laret.

Author: RPadTV