Vaping Diaries #140: Dr. Mike’s Rad Vapors Interview (Vapetoberfest 2013)

It was awesome catching up with the Dr. Mike’s Rad Vapors crew at Vapetoberfest 2013. I had a fun interview with CEO Strek Gauthier and COO Dr. Mike Gauthier at ECC 2013. This time around, Dr. Mike’s Rad Vapors mixologist Ricky Medina joined the chat. The crew talked up its two new flavors — Delight and Bliss. Delight is a unique pear e-liquid that uses five ingredients to approximate the taste of a juicy pear, including the skin and core. Bliss is a blend of peach, watermelon, and tea that’s only available once a year.

Check out the clip above to learn more about these e-liquids, hear about Dr. Mike’s Rad Vapors next flavor (dragon fruit and mangosteen!), and learn what vaping gear the crew uses.

Dr Mikes Rad Vapors Vapetoberfest 2013

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