Vaping Diaries #109: Dr. Mike’s Rad Vapors Interview

Dr. Mike’s Rad Vapors makes some really inventive juices and has a cool story behind. At ECC 2013, I caught up with Dr. Mike’s Rad Vapors CEO Strek Gauthier and COO Dr. Mike Gauthier. The company offers some unique combinations like Honey-Q (honeydew and cucumber) and Chocolate Bacon. The story of Dr. Mike’s Rad Vapors starts with a traumatic event; Strek had a stroke due to cigarette smoking. He changed his lifestyle and turned to vaping. His father is a doctor with extensive aerospace experience. Strek worked for his father in aerospace for years. Father and son have teamed up together for Dr. Mike’s Rad Vapors.

In the interview, Strek and Dr. Mike talk about the company’s history, the Dr. Mike’s Rad Vapors approach to making juices, the sophisticated branding that was inspired by wine, and more. It was great meeting them and getting to learn more about the company’s juices, but to be honest, I was biased going into the meeting. Anyone that’s enough of a genius to combine chocolate and bacon is cool in my book.

Author: RPadTV