Vaping Diaries #108: Electric Angel Owner Mika Kananen Interview

Here’s an interview with Electric Angel Owner Mika Kananen from ECC 2013. Kananen talks about the special edition EA Mods and the upcoming Invictus vaping device. The limited edition Electric Angel EA Mods include an adorable owl model, a Movember edition, and a brass leopard-print mod. The Invictus is a very different vaping device that combines features of mechanical and digital mods. It doesn’t follow Ohm’s law and it works with atomizers as low as 0.3 ohms. The Electric Angel Invictus aims to offer the power and versatility of mechanical mods with the safety, regulated power, and variable voltage/wattage features of digital mods. As a fan of Electric Angel and the Finnish sense of humor, it was fun chatting with Mika and hearing about EA’s upcoming products.

Author: RPadTV