Vaping Diaries #127: Vapor Stands Max-E Review

The Vapor Stands Max-E is the latest handmade product from the excellent people at Vapor Stands. In the past, I reviewed Vapor Stands’ Pie Slice and Trek-E v2 products, both of which I loved. Those two stands are finely crafted (made in the USA!) products that blend beauty and functionality. The Vapor Stands Max-E is cut from the same cloth, but is the company’s largest product yet. It has 27 felt-covered holes that hold a variety of products — large mods, eGo-style e-cigs, 30ml juice bottles, atomizers, clearomizers, and drip tips.

Like the company’s other products, the Vapor Stands Max-E features impressive workmanship. It’s made from oak and walnut that’s sanded to a silky smooth finish. The wood is then covered with three layers of polyurethane for a glossy appearance and to protect the wood. The Vapor Stands Max-E looks great on your office desk, in your living room, in the den, etc.

As far as functionality goes, I was mostly happy with the Vapor Stands Max-E, but had one criticism. It held a variety of my gear just fine — 22mm mechanical mods, various eGo devices, rebuildable dripping atomizers, bottom-coil silica atomizers, clearomizers, and 30ml plastic juice bottles. Unfortunately, the holes for the juice bottles are too small for 30ml glass bottles. Several of my favorite juice vendors (Ahlusion, Five Pawns, Indigo Vapor, etc.) use glass bottles and it’s a bummer that they can’t be cradled by the Vapor Stands Max-E.

That issue aside, I was pleased by everything else the Vapor Stands Max-E brought offered. Like its sister products, it’s superbly crafted and looks marvelous. It’s a great choice for vaping enthusiasts that have a lot of gear. It’s currently priced at $60, which is absolutely fair for a quality made-in-the-USA product that featured topnotch workmanship. If you’re looking for a handsome stand that holds a lot of vaping gear then you should definitely consider the Vapor Stands Max-E.

Vapor Stands Max-E review

Author: RPadTV