Vaping Diaries #103: Vapor Stands Trek-E v2 Review

The Vapor Stands Trek-E v2 is a beautiful and versatile holder that accommodates up to four vaping devices. This handcrafted stand is made in America and very affordable. If you’re looking for a mod holder that looks classy on your desk and is also functional enough to use in your car’s cup holder then the Trek-E v2 is a fantastic choice.

The Trek-E v2 has four holes — two 1.0-inch holes for larger devices and two 0.75-inch holes for eGo-style devices. In the video above, I show the stand holding a Phantom v2, Precise Simplicity 18650, Innokin iTaste VV 3.0, and a Vapor4Life Vapor Zeus. The holes are 2.25-inches deep to hold your vaping devices securely, while the bottom of the holes are covered with felt to prevent scratches. The bottom of the holder itself is also covered with felt. The Trek-E v2 fits into a car’s cup holder, but its handsome looks make it suitable for home or office settings.

The workmanship behind the Trek-E v2 is fantastic. The wood is cut perfectly and is sanded to a smooth finish. For protection and aesthetics, the wood is coated with three layers of polyurethane. The Trek-E v2 is available in three types of woods: cherrywood, oak, and walnut. The model used for this review and featured in the video is the cherrywood version. Vapor Stands’ Etsy store has photos of all three for your perusal.

Beautiful, functional, versatile, and inexpensive — that’s the Vapor Stands Trek-E v2 in a nutshell. While I like the way this holder works in a car, I love the way it looks on my desk. It’s a simple and straightforward product that does what it’s supposed to do, but looks elegant while doing so. The Vapor Stands Trek-E v2 is reasonably priced at $25. Not only do you get a great product, but you also support an American small business.

Author: RPadTV