Vaping Diaries #102: Super-T Manufacturing Precise Simplicity 18650 Review

Super-T Manufacturing’s Precise Simplicity 18650 features impeccable craftsmanship, like many of the company’s other products. Unlike other products in the Super-T lineup, the Precise Simplicity 18650 is relatively inexpensive and easy to acquire. In my opinion, Super-T is the best manufacturer of mechanical mods in America. The Precise Simplicity 18650 is finely crafted, performs well, and priced low, making it one of the best deals in mechanical mods today.

Build Quality and Construction: The Precise Simplicity 18650’s body and caps are made from stainless steel. The mod is lightweight and sturdy. It has adjustable brass contacts that are coated with palladium. According to Super-T, the coating, “Will never oxidize or corrode making for reliable consistent firing without the need for constant sanding and cleaning!” For vapers, that means high performance and low maintenance. One reason the Precise Simplicity line is cheaper than other Super-T products is that it uses palladium instead of rhodium. Although the palladium coating is cheaper than rhodium, very few manufacturers offer either as a coating option.

Like Super-T’s other mods, the Precise Simplicity 18650’s construction is exceptional. The lines are clean and the threads are silky smooth. When taking the mod apart, it’s hard not to admire its machining. The workmanship is extremely impressive — some of the best you’ll ever see in vaping.

One possible downside of the mod’s exactness and precision construction is that it can be annoying to vapers that use different brands and types of batteries. To get an exact fit that’s free of battery rattle, the Precise Simplicity 18650 uses different O-rings and washers. Out of the box, it’s fitted for AM IMR protected batteries. I currently have mine set up for Sony 18650 VTC3 batteries, which are relatively small flat-tops. If I want to use a slightly larger AM IMR 18650 button-top, there’s an aesthetically unpleasing gap. The performance is fine, but the gap takes away from the mod’s look. Again, this is a minor problem that’s only an issue for vapers that use different types and brands of batteries.

Aside from that minor issue, the Precise Simplicity 18650’s build quality and construction are tremendous.

Ergonomics and Design: The main body of the mod is grooved, which gives it a unique appearance and enhances grip. The top and bottom caps have a polished finish for contrast. The bottom cap has the “P” logo, which stands for my last name (and also Precise). While some people don’t like the grooved finish, I love it. It’s different and it doesn’t pick up fingerprints. Mod looks are a very subjective thing, but I feel that the Precise Simplicity 18650 is a beautiful mod that looks different from most of what’s out there.

Using the Precise Simplicity 18650 is a breeze. The default spring has a very light touch. The throw can be adjusted by using the included washers. I have it set up with four washers, for a feathery feel. The downside is that the mod has to be locked when not in use; it will fire if placed down while unlocked. Vapers that prefer a tighter feel and/or that want to be able to place their mod down while unlocked can purchase a heavier spring from Super-T.

One feature I particularly love about this mod is its locking mechanism. The bottom cap attaches to the main body with a screw, making it completely secure. With many mods that use a locking ring, it’s easy to unscrew the entire cap if you’re not being mindful. With the Precise Simplicity 18650’s design, that will never happen (unless you’re the Incredible Hulk).

Adjusting the Precise Simplicity 18650’s top pin can be done with a flathead screwdriver. While it’s not as mindless as using floating pins or self-adjusting pins, it’s relatively easy and the design helps cut down on voltage loss.

Performance: As expected, the Precise Simplicity 18650 is a great performer. It’s not the hardest-hitting mod I have or have used, but it’s up there. It’s the same deal with voltage loss, it’s very low, but I’ve used a few mods with lower voltage loss. The great news is that output and voltage loss are strong and will remain that way for a long, long time thanks to the mod’s palladium-coated contacts. Silver, copper, and gold are more conductive (in that order) than brass and palladium, but contacts using those materials require more maintenance.

Overall, I expect many vapers to be very happy with the Precise Simplicity 18650’s performance, while everyone will appreciate its low maintenance.

Verdict: The Precise Simplicity 18650 offers incredible craftsmanship, unique looks, and strong performance. It’s also backed by a lifetime warranty. It’s available for $134.99 (plus shipping), which is crazy low for a top-quality mod that’s made in the U.S.A. As I said in the intro, Super-T Manufacturing is the best mod maker in America and I think it’s up there with the best in the world. The Precise Simplicity 18650 is an excellent mod that’s comparable to or better than those in the $180-$250 price range. For $134.99, it’s a brilliant deal and I highly, highly recommend it.

Author: RPadTV