Vaping Diaries #125: Win an Innokin iTaste MVP 2

This month I’m giving away an Innokin iTaste MVP 2, courtesy of my friends at Innokin. I reviewed the MVP 2 last month and was very impressed by its features and battery life. Now’s your chance to win one! All you have to do is:

  1. Subscribe to my YouTube channel.
  2. Leave a comment with your YouTube username (so I can verify your subscription) and your favorite feature of the iTaste MVP 2.

That’s all you have to do! As an added bonus, if I reach 1,000 subscribers by the end of the contest then I’ll have another October giveaway (probably a mechanical mod). Now here are the boring contest rules.

  • Only one entry per participant
  • Contest closes on October 16, 2013 11:59PM PST
  • Winner will be chosen with a random number generator
  • Must 18 or older to participate
  • Must have a U.S. mailing address to be eligible
  • RPad Productions Inc. is not responsible for the prize being lost or damaged by USPS

Author: RPadTV

71 thoughts on “Vaping Diaries #125: Win an Innokin iTaste MVP 2”

  1. The 2600mAh battery life and the power source charging feature for other electronic devices. Very hand on the go for extended periods! Thanks for the opportunity to win one these, it would be extremely helpful for me.


  2. KayWhy588
    Gotta be the VW feature is the best (ohm checker a close 2nd) if your comparing it to the MVP1. Without comparison its gotta be the beefy battery life.

  3. I’m candimccann on youtube… and the original MVP was fabulous, the addition of an ohm checker makes it all that much better.

  4. codyparr is my username on youtube and I think my favorite feature is the variable wattage!

  5. 26katmandu on youtube and I love the raised button on the MVP2! Thanks for doing this contest!

  6. Subscribed already~ my user name is Rebel Vapor and my favorite feature of the MVP2 is the variable wattage and ohms reader! thanks for the contest!

  7. username: pinoyclan7 Been subscribed to you. What I love about the MVP 2 is the ohm reader. I love the fact that I can check my ohm reader for more precise vaping! Thank you!

  8. My username is marcos francisco castillo madrid my favorite thing of the mvp2 is its capability to charge external devices :D

  9. rjdantinne: What I like about the MVP is the internal battery. On one charge I can vape for days!

  10. Love your videos, fav ft would have to be the battery strength. Very reliable. Thanks, Rpad! url: soniabelmontlegend username: sonia belmont

  11. Firadar

    For me I just like the charging capability and the multiplug that comes with it, its awesome.

  12. The battery life. The fact I can use it for days and still charge devices. Hope I win, trying to get a friend to switch from analogs.

  13. JonnyB23
    Not only do I love how the? MVP 2 has a VW function, but the ohm reader is a great feature to add.

  14. Vulture vautour (YouTube name)
    The same reasons i told you at g+
    Great battery life, great shape and it’s
    An Innokin. Need no more

  15. ConstantJive (youtube) aka Manolo, favortie feature would have to be the ohm checker, very useful for rebuildables.

  16. My username is jhoggatt51 and love the size it fits in your your videos.

  17. my youtube username is Phished123 and my favorite feature of the MVP 2 is simply the fact that it it has lights to tell you when the battery is dying. As a current user of EGO batteries sometimes it can be a pain to tell when your battery is starting to die out on you.

  18. Giteno2 my Favorite Feature is the Swivel head it’s a Unique feature to this brand. I can’t find anywhere else :)

  19. I love the battery life and the form factor. I really prefer the box style mods. I have the MVP v1 but with a taped on button. Yes, I was a victim of infamous button falling off problem. :/

  20. Subscribed a while ago! Not sure if my user name shows as Rebecca Hutchins or rhutchins. I sign in through Google. I love the shape of the MVP, really like the battery indicator, and ohm reader. It’s also the perfect size for the cell phone pocket in my purse :)

  21. If I could choose just one, I believe the best update to the MVP-2 features… would have to be it having an ohm-reader. (really close tho- are its blue LED, watts option & of course, Ego threading too. ;) wink!) On your YT channel, I’m: “mmanda515” – On the VTR, I’m just wishing it had an internal battery similar to the MVP.. it would be nearly perfect! :( ~ Love the ultra-mini 134 & Cool Fire-2, by the way.. For those of us who couldn’t attend– thanks for the showing!! Happy vaping! Amanda/IL

  22. FLIPFTE on YouTube. I loved the fact the mvp 2 was a box mod, it was finally a mod I could sit down without a homemade stand!!!! And it just stood out from all the cylinder mods out there.

  23. Awesome contest I tried to win one of these devives in a another give away but wasn’t in the cards. I like the ohm reading feature and the vw capability. My you tube name is my name.

  24. Im SheilaFaulstich on youtube and I loved the v1 MVP — The resistance checker has to be the best added feature on the v2.

  25. Steven Ferguson (Youtube name)

    My favorite feature for the MVP v2 has to be the resistance checker for your atty. Really glad they decided to add that to the new version.

      1. Wow thank you so much! I never win anything lol. This is much appreciated, thanks again!

  26. The long battery life is a must! It would help me a lot, Rpad. User/NewUpcomingArtists

  27. The feature I like is the battery life,easy to use and the puff counter. I simply love it.

  28. Changes4myfuture
    I am new to vaping so do not have the experience with the MVP but to me it sounds like an awesome vaporizer from the battery life to the ohm reader. I am not used to any of that don’t have anything great yet besides some kanger tanks viva mini tank and a protank.

  29. Longer Batt Life Rules all we need is more battery juice to puff more juice and the ohm reader is bad ass too

  30. grimrefer323 ok were to start first its vw second ohm reder and the battery may I just love it

  31. my youtube is mariners2951

    trying to upgrade from my original e-go so lets see what happens!

  32. My Youtube name is Micchi Kins. I love the ohm checker on the MVP2 – a great upgrade!

  33. Dr Charles Nichols

    I like the fact that I can use it while wearing my favorite camo shirts!

    Seriously, I dont need to win anything, Im here for the verbal entertainment

  34. Hey, My Youtube name is Old city Vapors. I think my fav new feature on the MVP v2 would be the Ohm checker. We enjoy your videos.Thanks for posting and sharing them with us all.

  35. Long battery life is a win. Both ego and 510 threads, another win. But the best part of your entire review? … The yellow gloves. I’m sold.

  36. My YouTube is Kevin brown. 510 and ego threads a win. Long batt life a win. Yellow gloves. Legendary. Vape on.

  37. user=GracefulSymphony
    the ohm reader & the battery life itself comes in handy. this is one of the best vaping tools out there!

  38. User name is nathaniel debord
    I really like the fact that is can be used as a passthrough while charging and that it can charge a phone too!

  39. Darkzeus851 or PhilE
    I don’t know which name will show as my subscriber name, my youtube name or my google name but I swear I only subscribed once! Lol

    I really like the ability to use the device as a backup battery for usb devices.

  40. rodjnemedez

    Ohm Reader, hands down. This is because now you’ll know what resistance you’re vaping at!

  41. fs8gbe or Joseph Rhodes. I think my favorite thing about the mvp is the sturdy construction.

  42. user name “generaleclectictube” My favorite feature, I love the form factor!

  43. DJ Zak Black – I love the little light show you get when you turn the device on. I get excited over little things like that :P

  44. I accidentally put the wrong username in my previous comment, my Youtube username is Zak Black. And my favorite thing about the new MVP is the Ohm’s Reader. Such a small change, such a huge difference!

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