Vaping Diaries #113: Innokin at ECC 2013 (iTaste VTR, Cool Fire)

Here’s a quick rundown of Innokin’s ECC 2013 lineup. The company showed off several products that will be available in the next few months. The highly anticipated iTaste VTR box mod hits first, with an October release date. The unit’s heft surprised me; it feels like a solid device that’s considerably heavier than its sister product, the iTaste MVP 2. The massive iTaste 134 will soon be joined by smaller siblings. The iTaste 134 Mini will be available in 18350 and 18490 sizes. Innokin showed off prototypes of the Cool Fire series. The Cool Fire 1 is a simple vaping device for people seeking a stylish and easy-to-use setup. The Cool Fire 2 looks like a hand grenade (don’t being it to the airport!) and uses a variable-wattage scrolling wheel similar to the one on the iTaste 134. I was particularly fond of the Cool Fire 2, simply because it looks like a frickin’ grenade!

Check out the video above to see Innokin’s upcoming products. I’m going to dream about using the Cool Fire 2 while listening to that Bruno Mars song.

Author: RPadTV