Vaping Diaries #9: Apollo E-Cigs eGo VV Review

One of the vaping devices in my current rotation is the eGo VV from Apollo E-Cigs. This is a straightforward variable-voltage battery that’s backed by an unusually high level of service. For those new to variable-voltage vaping, this is a great device to start out with. It’s also a compelling choice for vaping veterans. I’ll explain it all as I break it down (cue the Degeneration-X music).

What’s in the Kit: This is a barebones kit that includes a battery, a UC-E6 to USB cable, instructions, and a certificate of inspection. As of this writing, it lists for $26.95 on Apollo’s web site.

Form Factor: Like the packaging, the form factor and looks are totally straightforward. This is a grey eGo-style e-cig that’s given a bit of flash with the Apollo logo. The threaded tube is topped with a connection that accepts 510 and eGo-threaded parts. I used it with a CE2 clearomizer, a Kanger T3 clearomizer, and a Cirrus Vapes tank — all of them worked just fine.

With the CE2, I’d say the device is pocketable. With the T3, it’s borderline pocketable. As for the tank…well, I don’t really recommend walking around with a large glass e-juice tank in your pocket (but perhaps that’s just me).

Performance: The eGo VV can be adjusted from three volts to six volts in increments of 0.10v. Considering how much this vaping device costs, I was impressed by its accurate and consistent performance. Using the clearos and tanks mentioned above, I vaped anywhere from 3.5v to 4.4v. The voltage was on the money and stayed that way for the majority of the battery’s life. It tuckered out towards the end, but that was totally expected.

Battery Life: I was getting about five hours of battery life per charge with the eGo VV. I’m a fairly regular vaper, so your mileage may vary. With my habits, I was going through a little less than three full batteries per day. Obviously I was getting more battery life at lower voltages and less at higher voltages. If you’re a heavy vaper that’s considering picking up the eGo VV, I’d suggest getting a few.

Two Issues: I had two problems with the eGo VV — one minor and one somewhat major. The minor problem was the USB passthrough charging. While it’s true that you can vape while the battery is charging, you can only do so if there’s sufficient power in the battery. If the battery is low or totally depleted, the unit will not draw enough power from a USB connection to charge the battery and allow you to vape at the same time. To be fair, a lot of USB devices — not just e-cigs — are like this.

The bigger issue I had was with the unit’s firing button. The slightly raised rubber button is too subtle. In conditions with bright lighting, you either have to feel up the battery for a few seconds or briefly look at it to locate the firing button. Low-light situations are more problematic. When I brought it with me to that PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale party last week, I was constantly holding it up to my face for several seconds so that I could find the firing button. While I wouldn’t say the firing button is a deal-breaker, it can be very annoying.

Service and Warranty: The eGo VV is available for a bit less through other vendors, but I highly recommend going with Apollo for this device. The company offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, which is fantastic for those that are just starting out with variable-voltage vaping. It’s also backed by a one-year warranty, which makes this device attractive to novices and veterans alike.

Apollo’s support is also noteworthy. The company offers customer support Monday through Friday, with phone agents available from 8AM to 5PM PST and online-chat agents available from 8AM to 11PM PST. I had a few issues with another Apollo product I’m using and the online support solved my problems (two occurrences) in a snap.

For a relatively small company, I was very impressed with Apollo’s support service, guarantee policy, and warranty policy.

Verdict: If you’ve been thinking about dipping your toe into the world of variable-voltage vaping then the eGo VV from Apollo is a great way to go. It’s a good device, but if it’s not your cup of tea then you can take advantage of the company’s 30-day guarantee. If you’re an experienced vaper looking for a solid but low-cost variable-voltage solution, then picking a couple of these units is a compelling option. The eGo VV is a good vaping device backed by a generous warranty and great service.

If you have any question about my experience with the Apollo E-Cigs eGo VV then please fire away in the comments section.

Author: RPadTV

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    1. I only know one person who has used them and the shipping time was atrocious. I believe he waited nearly 4 weeks for the item. He eventually got it, but it did make him nervous.

      I’d order on a credit card and then dispute the charges if you are dissatisfied with the service.

      1. Thanks. It is just hard to pass up $100 off the phone I want. Also since AT&T isn’t getting for a few weeks anyways I was going to have to wait already

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