Casper Van Dien Talks Noobz

Justin Leeper and I were lucky enough to get to chat with the legendary Casper Van Dien on the set of the upcoming videogame movie Noobz. The Starship Troopers┬ástar talks about his roles (multiple) in the movie, whether he can take on Dom from Gears of War, New Jersey vs. wherever the hell Justin is from, and more. It’s a fun and loose interview with a great man. Check it out and let me know what you think (please!).

Author: RPadTV

7 thoughts on “Casper Van Dien Talks Noobz”

  1. Justin kinda reminds me of Justin Credible for some reason.
    Pretty awesome interview. Did they ever find the on-set Dom??

    1. On-set Dom was the guy I posted a photo of last week. It's funny that you mention Justin Credible. Justin and I used to do the Impact Players pose all the time…though we were bigger marks for Lance Storm than the artist formerly known as Aldo Montoya.

  2. Justin's facial hair reminds me of the "animal" facepaint from Black Ops

    seems like good people too

    1. It's…interesting. He enjoys it and the attention it gets him. Some of our common friends think that his face looks stupid. As someone that used to have blue hair, I'm not going to judge.

      1. i also had blue hair, and red, and even blurple at one point, so i'll refrain from judging as well

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