Coffee Talk #347: Your Least Favorite Console Launch

I’m late to the party on the Nintendo 3DS…and I’m trying to figure out where the party is. As a frequent flyer and huge portable gamer, the 3DS is off to a disappointing start. What was your…

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I’m late to the party on the Nintendo 3DS…and I’m trying to figure out where the party is. I loved the potential of Nintendo’s latest portable gaming system at E3 2010 and the handful of times I got to play it between then and launch. After a few weeks with the system, I’m completely underwhelmed.

I have five 3DS launch titles and the only one I’m regularly enjoying is Nintendogs + Cats. That game hardly pushes the 3DS’ capabilities and the charm is largely the same as the original’s. I know that the 3DS will have great games in the future and I’m sure I’ll eventually love the system. As a frequent flyer and huge portable gamer, I’m really disappointed in the 3DS’ weak start. Next time I fly, I’ll probably leave my 3DS at home and play games on my iPad 2.

I don’t remember the last time I was this underwhelmed by a console launch. A new system usually brings something new and exciting to the table. The 3DS only does half of that. Where there any console launches that left you feeling flat? Kindly name the console launch (or launches) that disappointed you the most.

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  1. @Game of Thrones

    This is a good show. I had a hard time watching episode 2 though. The Prince is too cliche as is his mother. Most of all I disliked what Stark had to do at the end.

    I'll keep watching though. If I was able to watch this past season of Dexter to the end, I can stick through most anything. I hope Dexter is over.

    1. I’m really enjoying it too. I’ve actually read lengthy summaries on the books and plan to read the actual books in the near future. Cersei gets pretty interesting. I’m surprised you find her cliche considering that she’s boning her twin brother. I don’t recall reading that in a fantasy setting.

      1. Well…incest aside. I was more or less thinking about how ruthless she is in vindicating her son.

        I haven't read any summaries or the books either for that matter. I was going off of the assumption that perhaps they aren't siblings. It's all a ruse so to speak. Guess I'm wrong lol.

        The show does a good job of making sure you don't like those who are definitely immoral or power hungry.

      2. I like Sean Bean's character a lot, Eddard.

        Tyrion, Daenary are also fun to see.

  2. The GameCube, which I owned for 3 months and then sold, and the PS3, which I bought about 2 years after launch and don't think I've touched since God of War III came out.

    1. Oh man, you have a few hours of updates to sit through before you play anything on it! Lol

      1. Yeah, I occasionally turn it on to do the updates because I know whenever something finally comes out that I'll want to play I'll have to sit there and wait for about 6 days anyways.

  3. The Wii and the Xbox 360. I hate/hated those 2 consoles. Sold my 360 in the first month. Sold all my Wii games in the same time frame. Just got bored with both consoles and don’t like many of the exclusives. For me Halo is the only reason I have an 360.

    The PSPGo was also a let down. I was hoping it would be more than just a refresh.

    I never liked the newer Nintendo handhelds. The last one I enjoyed playing was the SP. I still have my green/black screen gameboy with 15ish games, never play it but I know I used to love it.

    OnLive was that a console launch????

  4. The original Xbox launch sucked so bad in my eyes, the only thing I remember being good and “original” was Halo and Munch’s Odyssey.

    If anyone else can remember any original Xbox launch games feel free to add.

    Actually I just wiki’d Xbox launch games and I take that back:

    * Halo: Combat Evolved (Duh)
    * Oddworld: Munch’s Oddysee (Never beat it but fun)
    * Dead or Alive 3 (love it!)
    * Project Gotham Racing (Love it)
    * NFL Fever 2002 (poop game, great graphics)
    * Air Force Delta Storm (never played it)
    * Mad Dash Racing (meh)
    * Cel Damage (meh)
    * Arctic Thunder (classic)
    * Fuzion Frenzy (Fun)
    * Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2X (the good Tony Hawk lol)
    * 4×4 Evo 2 (Never played it)

  5. Honestly I never really payed any attention to any console launches until the current gen. I stood/sat outside all night for the xbox 360 launch with one of my friends outside in the middle of November just for him to buy one. I did the same for a different friend when he bought the Wii, actually I slept in the car for that one. Other than that I have never gotten a console at launch. The 3DS would have been the first for me, but I didn't and still don't have the money to get one. Otherwise I would love to get one of those, however the launch titles never seem to be a big draw for me. CoD 2 was the only decent title I remember liking at launch, but if I could afford to buy consoles when they first come out I would on the basis that I am sure they would get titles I do want eventually. When that time would come I wouldn't want to be without a console on which to play them.

    1. The Xbox 360 launch was a frustrating launch for me. We were still dealing with hurricane aftermath when it launched. I remember GameStop calling me to let me know I'd be one of the only few ppl who preordered would get a machine. Sadly I had to tell them I couldn't afford to purchase the machine and games since I was pretty broke at that point due to other expenses.

      So I handed my preorder off to my friend who was more than happy to grab it. I'm not sure where he got the money from but it didn't matter. Right after the 1 year warranty was up his (my) machine fried lol.

      1. Yeah that would have definitely made it tough to afford at the time. I think my friend's 360 kept going for quite a while. I don't ever remember hearing that it red ringed (in all honesty though I've only ever met one person in real life who has had an xbox red ring). That sucks that your friend's (your) xbox died like that though.

  6. Oh yeah. The Gamecube was a stinker too. I don't know that I ever played a game very long on it. I really hated the controller. Eternal darkness was fun but I never got far into it. Super Smash Brothers Melee was a freaking blast but I don't recall if it was a launch title. My copy got 'borrowed' and I never played my Cube again.

    1. Eternal Darkness was very good. Windwaker as well. My biggest gripe about that controller was the length of the cord. I had to put A/V extensions on the Gamecube so I could sit far enough away from the screen.

      1. Tales of Symphonia was another good Cube title imo. I did love some Eternal Darkness tho.

    2. The only game I recall liking on GC was Star Wars Bounty Hunter. I had already played it on PS2, but my brother kept telling me about a trick where you could hold the controller in such a way that you could get both your index finger and your middle finger on your right hand functional on that giant ass A button. This made a crazy difference because Jango Fett shoot those 2 pistols at however fast you could hit that button….

      I could hit that A button in 64th notes at 140 bpm given my many years of playing bass.

  7. the supernintendo

    i NEVER owned one

    also never owned a gamecube, and ive been told that i missed out on some great zelda games

    1. I loved the SNES. Although I don't remember owning all that many games for it I do remember Zelda: A Link to the Past was by far my favorite game on that system.

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