What Are You Playing This Weekend?

I’m going to give Pilotwings Resort more time this weekend. I’ve liked what I’ve played, but I was expecting more. Perhaps a dedicated weekend of flying around in 3D will help me warm up to the Nintendo 3DS. Of course I’ll be playing games on my iPad 2 too. I’m still loving Civilization Revolution and Final Fantasy III on iPad. They’re both awesome, but in very different ways. Naturally all gaming activity will be dropped during the Manny Pacquiao vs. Shane Mosley fight on Saturday.

How about you? What’s on your weekend playlist?

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76 thoughts on “What Are You Playing This Weekend?”

    1. Haha. Been saving that one huh?

      At least you get to play it online! zing!

      1. Lol you know it!

        I thought the PSN was going to be up by today, man that sucks.

  1. I just found a SNES rom for Genghis Khan II for my SNES emulator on my phone, man this game is an awesome throw back. I will be playing this now!

  2. Dragon Age: Origins (because I ran out of characters to export to Dragon Age II…..yes, I'm that lame) and Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12.

  3. Graduation this weekend, finishing up papers today and then hopefully I will be free!!!!

      1. Yes I am. I have my 2nd degree and the hours needed to sit for the CPA. Crawfish and beer tomorrow. Come on by.

      2. Yep almost done with it all. Walking in the ceremony tomorrow.

        Also, congratulations to Smartguy for completing a second degree. My original plan was to have two degrees, but I realized about two years ago I didn't want to jump through meaningless hoops for a mediocre department—I have the rest of my life to do that at a job.

      3. Thanks!


        I would have loved to get my second degree, especially since I stuck with it for so long, but the people in that department were just some of the most insufferable people I have encountered in my life. It would be really nice to be able to have that accomplished, but it wasn't worth it to me anymore.

      4. @Big Blak

        I'm so ready to be done with all of this stuff though. I'll be walking tomorrow, but I will still have a couple assignments to finish up after that. Now comes the hard part of actually getting a job. It sucks too because this is probably one of the worst times to graduate and then go out and find a job because I have no professional work experience, and everyone who is hiring is demanding a minimum of 2-3 years work experience.

      5. Def man but it's also who you know too. There are way to many under qualified people who hold jobs because they know someone.

      6. Yeah that's true. It's aggravating to see people out there like that, but that's probably more jealousy than anything because I would not be complaining if I were in that position, lol.

      7. Finished with a degree in socio-cultural anthropology and a minor in professional writing. The other degree would have been in advertising through the journalism department. Despite not having the degree in advertising I still took a good portion of the advertising classes, and unfortunately they no longer have a minor in advertising otherwise I would easily qualify for that.

      8. Well if the job hunt doesn't work out you can always go school of business for a marketing degree or go to grad school lol.

      9. I'm hoping the job search will turn up something. I've put out roughly 80-90ish apps by now I'd estimate, but all of the positions that I can apply for (which is a pretty wide variety) all want experienced employees, which I can't get if they won't hire me.

        I've thought before about trying to get an MBA after graduation but I'm not so sure about all of that. I feel like all of the business classes I've heard friends talk about deal with memorization and rote learning techniques—which I am horrible at. Now metacognition, knowledge work, analysis, concepts, theories, application of concepts and theories—I can work with those all day. I just can't pass a test to save my life.

      10. @bsu

        MBA is quite a step up from an undergrad business program. You'll do complex math, analysis, presentations, etc. Typically there are only 2 grades per class and a C grade will yield noncredit for the class.

        It can't hurt to have an MBA. A friend of ours has an undergrad and grad degree in Middle Eastern studies. She's fluent in a few Arabic dialects. No jobs though. Everyone else I know with an MBA landed something. I guess I'm trying to say if you go back, think it through lol. I know earlier I said I opted for a second undegrad but that is because I'm an accountant and a CPA cert is more valuable.

      11. @Smartguy

        I can imagine getting an MBA would be a difficult task, but the appeal of it is that it seems to be pretty useful in finding a job. And also BSU had a 1 year fast track all year MBA program that they offered (with a lot of stuff online too I think).

        If I really did go back at some point though it would be a pretty serious move for me, but my big problem is that I have never been great with grades and that's a pretty strict thing in grad school. I could be good at grad school in anthropology, but that isn't anything that helps get a better job (since I'm not trying to get an academic related job). Something with a business application just seems like it would have more benefits in the long run.

      12. Hehe I hear ya. The economics degree was cheaper than grad school for CPA hours. I was accepted to a law school but I have decided against it. Too expensive and those guys seem to be a dime a dozen now.

        I think in my old life I'll go back to my first real job I had after high school, brewing beer.

  4. Dead Rising 2 with N8. The weapon combinations in that game are insane.

    When not killing zombies, I will watch the Heat kill the Celtics on Saturday.


    1. The Heat aren't going to kill anyone but themselves. Celtics in 6 and I'm sticking by that!

      1. I think the Lakers will get at least one win. SG I have a 5gb limit before the throttle.

      2. I'm telling you, Heat in 5. Even if the Celtics won, and I think that's a pretty big 'if', I think it would take 7 games. Boston will not just run all over Miami after the way they have been playing.

    2. Also the Heat can't play any better than what they are doing now, the Celtics have been playing like poop.

      1. I hope the Mavs knock off the Lakers. I'm so sick of them. I'm already sick of the Heat in the same way. I tend to agree with BB that the Heat can't play any better and the C's can't play any worse. I'm not as optimistic about winning the series at this point though. 2-0's a pretty big hole in any 7 game series. I think he's still in la la land over the Sox coming back from 3-0 against the Yanks and not thinking this one through rationally.

      2. I hope the alleged rapist's team gets swept. Phil can coach the Knicks and go full circle. It would be awesome if the Clippers improved greatly and became the darling team of the town.

      3. On the bright side, Kobe's got 2, maybe 3 years left in his body? His body's about 4 years older than the average guy his age, so the end's gotta be coming soon. I hope it is. If I hear one more overpaid mouth on ESPN compare him to Jordan, I might just go Postal.

      4. I hate the ESPN and TNT talking heads. The rehearsals must be like this

        Producer: Hey guys today we want a ton of irrelevant family stories, random facts about washed up players, yourselves included, some Hip-Hop analogies, and a shit load of dick riding for the team with the highest salaries. Think we can do it?

      5. They've gotta stop hiring washed up athletes off the streets. Pick a 3-4 who are actually good at their job and get rid of the other 15 on staff.

      6. And get rid of the damn female human interest reporters. I also don't care about the blurb from a coach at half or between quarters.

        I also don't dig a woman being play by play for my sports.

      7. Haha really.

        I want the Celtics to win it all but football is what really gets my blood flowing.

        My mind is all over the place (thank you vicodin) here are my predictions

        Mavs in 5

        Celts in 6 (7 for you non believers lol)

        OKC in 5

        Hawks in 7

      8. I need to see how Memphis and OKC fair in game 3. I think Memphis can take them though.

        Agreed about Hawks.

      9. Lol if any team can come back and win 4 in a row its the Celtics. I'm not in la la land I just really dislike LBJ (Wade and Bosh are cool in my book) and I am also obligated to have unwavering faith in all things Boston.

      10. Rondo just doesn't seem to care. He got paid.

        I think Garnett is done. He's not being as physical as his normal style had been. Maybe it is a cold streak?

        They need Allen to sink 3's

      11. If the C's get bounced, I'm rooting for the Thunder. Durant is the shit. I can't stand any of the other teams that are left (with the exception of the Griz, whom I don't care about at all).

      12. I think he is still bitter over the Perkins trade, I think that they were really close outside of work and he's sticking it to management.

      13. (*lifts beer*)

        Here's to the Celtics continually playing like poop. … At least for the next two games.


  5. You know you figured with me not working that i'd play more games but i haven't. Maybe i'll play MK later on so i get to know more of the moves and do some fatalities. I've been very depressed lately and haven't felt like doing much lately.

    1. Yeah I can imagine it's not fun. My dad only recently got another job, before that he was out of work for about a year. I think the key for him was to always be doing something. Hope the job search gets better soon though!!

    2. Enjoy your weekend. Nobody hires on Saturday and Sunday anyway. Tough market but you will find something if you keep looking. Most of the time the job finds you or springs up from nowhere.

  6. The Witcher. I can’t believe I missed this game when it came out. I bought the enhanced edition for $10 digi download from Amazon.

  7. I myself will be out at job training all weekend, so my PSP will be my best friend this weekend. Surely, I will spend most of my time on either Dissidia, Birth by Sleep, or Lord of Arcana (I recommend that you get Monster Hunter rather than this).

      1. @slicky

        Mavs can thank CP3 for wearing them down!

        Mavs and OKC will be a good series.

  8. Has anyone looked at the smithsonian game list?

    I only take exception to some of the PS2 titles and Modern era windows. Maybe one gripe about PS1

  9. I want my money back for that fight. The feather weight bout was more entertaining. Sugar Shane was awful. I've never seen a boxer run like that.

    1. It was sad to watch Shane reduced to a timid runner. For almost two decades he was known as one of the true warriors in boxing. I was shocked that Pacquiao even dropped him. Shane has an amazingly sturdy chin. In the post-fight presser he basically said that he was scared of Pacquiao's power and wasn't willing to take risks. He needs to retire.

      1. Yeah the post presser was more exciting than the fight. Sad.


        "I'll fight Mayweather because the ppl want it" Excellent. He basically said he doesn't need a fight with Mayweather to legitimize his career

        "I have to go back to work" I guess boxing is just a hobby lol

      2. Well, he doesn't need a fight with Mayweather to legitimize his career. If anything, he has more names on his record than Floyd.

        Boxing is becoming less important to him. A lot of his attention goes to congress and his charity work. Physically I think he's just past his prime. Mentally, I'm not sure he'll be there.

      3. Indeed. I found it odd that he said his legs were bothering him after the bout.

        I love how his introduction included "congressman"

  10. Glad to be done with graduation. It's been a long day with the graduation ceremony and being with my family afterwards. It was also my dad's birthday too. All of this along with the past two weeks of constant school work in order to finish everything has been brutal. I just wanna sleep for days now, haha. I am thinking I might have to get a new game though or something and just play that for a while. So if anyone is looking for someone for a multiplayer game let me know and I just may join you!

      1. Thanks! And I wish, unfortunately I haven't heard anything back from them among all of the other places where I've applied for jobs.

    1. Congratulations, to you and Smartguy. Enjoy your coming months of peace and gaming.


      1. Thanks, I'm hoping to get some good gaming in soon. Just not sure what I should play.

  11. Congrats gentlemen on graduating! Also Happy Mother's day to all yours out there :)

    As for myself I finally get to enjoy Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood. Just not online, zing <_<

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