Mike Capps Talks Epic, Bulletstorm, Infinity Blade, and More

Here’s a really fun and informative interview with Epic Games president Dr. Michael Capps. Not only is he an incredibly sharp man, but he’s also a super fun guy to hang out with. I’ve always been impressed with how nimbly Epic has evolved from PC to consoles to mobile. Capps addresses that issue, as well how Infinity Blade caused Apple execs to curse in excitement, Bulletstorm, his mother’s reaction to his shower scene in the “Bulletpoints” marketing campaign, Kotaku’s Brian Crescente looking like that guy from Deuce Bigalow/The Scorpion King,┬áme punching Cliff Bleszinski in the face, and more!

Special thanks to RPadholic smartguy for his question about Bulletpoints!

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13 thoughts on “Mike Capps Talks Epic, Bulletstorm, Infinity Blade, and More”

    1. The timing and vibe were fantastic on Mike's part. I'm pretty sure this is the best interview — in terms of tone — that I did at DICE 2011. I've known Mike for a long time and he reacted quickly and humorously to everything that was thrown at him. Remember, I hate having a set list of questions. There are three or four topics I want to cover and the rest is riffing. Sometimes it works and sometimes it…well, you'll see.

  1. What a great interview with Busta Capss! er i mean Mike Capps! I hope Cliffy B never sees or remembers why you punched him in the face at GDC.

  2. Kuya Rpad this is so so good. Oh man what a way to end it! Your outfits are pretty sweet too lol.

  3. Feeling very flattered to be mentioned in the same sentence as Dr. Capps and Buddha Bar ;)

    This interview brought back some great memories… wish I could have been there!

  4. I played the Bulletstorm demo. I think the game blows personally. At least for me. I see where the game is supposed to be over the top, but I think it does it in a bad way. I don't care to lasso someone to me, then kick them away from me and THEN shoot them. I'd just prefer excessive amounts of goons with vulgar tshirts or lines to mow down with some ridiculously big weapons.

    All in all..thanks for putting out the demo since it will save me money now.

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