Finally…RPad Has Posted The Rock’s WWE Promo!!!

Here’s Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s fantastic promo from last night’s episode of Monday Night Raw. It’s just brilliant stuff on multiple levels. He’s simply amazing on the mic, but it’s cool to see that he’s genuinely having fun and truly touched by the amazing crowd response. (When was the last time you heard a crowd pop like that, btw?)

Now for the downer — some of the best parts of the promo have been edited out. That’s like abridging Shakespeare. Why?!?

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11 thoughts on “Finally…RPad Has Posted The Rock’s WWE Promo!!!”

  1. Awesome. Love the Rock. I have to find the full version of that promo.

    "John Cena looking like something out of Barney the Dinosaur's anus"



      1. That makes two of us. I saw that theyre replaying raw on the universal hd ch on sat. I set a recording already. I hope they dont edit that too. Was his promo at the beginning or end of raw?

      2. Done! Also i just finished batman aa!! I'm kinda disappointed in the boss battle but now im ready for arkham city! I'm planning to order dcuo and kzone 3 sometime this week. I havent made my monthly contribution to rpad and myself (videogames wise).

        Let me know if u see my order rpad!

  2. I wish I could walk into a place and be like "FINALLY, I have come back to THIS BP STATION!!!!" but unfortunately I haven't earned what that Rock has. But soon… soon….

    1. Nonsense. I use to do it all the time in my GameSpy and Yahoo! videos. My favorite was doing the "It doesn't matter what you think!!!" bit on IGN Fran Mirabella. Dude fell for it twice.

      1. haha. I use to do that when i was in the Army when i came back from leave or field training exercises, i like that my nickname fit perfectly to the saying!

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