Coffee Talk #303: Your Favorite Videogame Music

What’s some of your favorite videogame music? I’m not just talking about soundtracks. If “Pac Man Fever” floats your boat then let’s talk about it! As for me…

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What’s some of your favorite videogame music? I’m not just talking about soundtracks. If “Pac Man Fever” floats your boat then let’s talk about it! As for me, the soundtrack to Final Fantasy Tactics is my favorite score. Hitoshi Sakimoto and Masaharu Iwata did a phenomenal job composing music that was moving and memorable. I’ve been a huge fan of theirs ever since I heard FFT’s music.

Naturally, I love Mortal Kombat The Album by The Immortals. The songs are just awesomely ridiculous. I have fond memories of listening to the soundtrack in college with my friend Wil. It’s just fun screaming, “Johnny Cage is not afraid to die!!!” If you haven’t heard these songs then I highly recommend clicking the link above and listening to the samples. These tracks will change your life…especially Sub-Zero’s song.

Now it’s your turn! What’s some of your favorite videogame music?

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  1. The Minibosses are pretty awesome IMO. I heard of them probably 7 or 8 years ago and really like their stuff.

    As far as soundtracks go the Halo series has had great in game music, and I always catch myself humming the pokemon background music. The best one though is the final track in Mirror's Edge after you finish the game. I absolutely love that song. The way the cut scenes at the end work with the music and the pure beauty of the dystopia that they show and the way the music works with that ending is probably by far my favorite part of a game ever. I can't think of any other video game music that I like more. That is one song that when I hear it I can instantly see in my mind the end scene from Mirror's Edge. I don't mean to go overboard here with talking about this one song but to me it is perfect.

  2. Here are some fun tracks. Some of it is really great stuff. Some of it is goofy fun.

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  3. In game score would have to go to MGS2 Sons of Liberty

    Video game music: Power Glove. (thanks N8R)

    Potato chips: Zapp's. Cracked salt and pepper, Creole tomatoes, or Cajun Crawtators are the best 3 flavors by far. That last flavor is pretty spicy though.

  4. I like the Mega Man 2 score, Ghosts N Goblins, all the Super Mario games and Zelda ones. Also, Anamanaguchi is pretty awesome especially the songs from the Scott Pilgrim game.

  5. As soon as I read the question, Mega Man music started going through my head.

    The music from Maximum Carnage and the Wolverine game from the same period and people was great as well.

    I also have the Portal song in my collection as well as I learned to play it on my guitar.

    As for real music inspired by games… the award has to go to Powerglove.

  6. My favorite game soundtrack is toss up between FFVII & VIII. Those two soundtracks are beautiful and so full of nostalgia. N8R made a good point about those wailing 16bit guitars in Maximum Carnage lol.

  7. Damn, N8 just got the music from Mega Man 2 and 3 into my head and it won't go away.

    Before I read his post, I was thinking Halo: CE had the most epic soundtrack I've heard in a game up to that point. Martin O'Donnell is just amazing. I actually wrote him an e-mail years ago to see if I could get him to come to Miami to do the chorus at my wedding. (He didn't respond… shocker)

    To this day the Halo CE and the Halo 2 soundtrack CDs are two of the only five CDs that I have ever purchased.

    Aside from Halo, I have a soft spot for Final Fantasy music (only the one's I've played, though). Nobuo Uematsu is a musical genius. This is a guy that makes me want to learn how to play the piano. Not that many people have that effect on me.


  8. a little obscure here, by the rygar soundtrack will always be my favorite video game music, because of the memories it brings back…it was my first NES game

    The original zelda is pretty awesome as well, and super mario bros has great music too, it just adds to the legacy of that game–the most important game ever made imho

  9. and ray, the scorpion song is WAYYYYY worse than the sub zero song

    "lost soul bent on revenge?:

  10. I haven't had a PSP very long, so most of my favorite music was from GBA and DS games. I can't forget my first portable game, Pokemon: Blue Version. Pokemon music from the first two series is what I was addicted to. Then, I got a GameCube, and discovered the magic of Smash Bros… Good times.

    From the DS, I got so addicted to some of the music from Lock's Quest that I ended up teaching it to myself so I could play it on a Xylophone. I never owned the original MegaMan games, but Battle Network and all it's installments have me hooked. BN2, 3, and even the more recent Star Force games all seem to have good soundtracks. Final Fantasy Tactics: Advanced is the first Final Fantasy game I ever owned, and it's storyline, music, and depth hooked me. Now, I own Crisis Core and Dissidia for my PSP; Crisis Core's remix of the Bombing Mission is great, and Dissidia has too many to list. If music gets better as games get better, I want better games. Now.

    1. Crisis Core is the last game I loved. The original FFT is my favorite game ever and I love the FFTA games. A small part of me is bummed that GDC is this week because I want to be playing more Tactics Ogre. I highly recommend it for you since you like FFTA. This is what those guys worked on before hooking up with Square.

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